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Wisdom From David Frum

Bob and I are in Nottingham, visiting with our granddaughter Sarah and her partner. It has been delightful–but would be better if Bob didn’t have an increasingly awful cold and hacking cough. We’ll do a first-hand exploration of the British health-care system this morning; flying home with an untreated upper respiratory infection probably isn’t the best idea.

I’ll try to report more on Nottingham tomorrow, but blogging may be spotty until we get back to Indy on Thursday. Meanwhile, I urge you to click through and read this essay from David Frum. As most of you know, Frum was a speechwriter for George W. Bush; since his service in that administration, however, he has been making a lot of sense, with the result that he’s been labeled a RINO by the ideologically extreme members of the GOP.

Frum is a thoughtful and genuine conservative voice, and he deserves to be heard. Whether the movement is too far gone and too rigid to listen is an open question.