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Must…Hang On…Almost Tuesday….

I can’t imagine what life is like for people who don’t have TIVO. Our live TV watching is limited to the evening news–we can skip commercials otherwise–and we are drowning in negative, content-free bilge. Not to mention the colorful fliers in the daily mail–you know the ones I’m referring to: Candidate A would let women who’d been raped abort, and thus is not really pro-life.┬áCandidate X cheated on taxes; Candidate Y isn’t really a Hoosier; Candidate Z once talked to a Democrat and is clearly unfit for office.

There aren’t any Democratic primaries in my district, or the number would undoubtedly be greater.

A few years ago, I told my husband that I was long past voting for someone I actually liked, and even past voting for the lesser of two evils. Henceforth, I would be voting for the people who pander to the people who seem less dangerous.

If my television, email and snail mail are any indication, this crop of candidates is pandering to people they believe to be incredibly stupid, rigidly ideological sexist bigots.

I have yet to view or receive a campaign ad suggesting that issues are complex and well-intentioned people may disagree about them. I have yet to see one defending the belief– deeply rooted in our Constitution and especially the First Amendment–that diversity, especially diversity of opinion, is necessary to the achievement of sound ideas. I am still looking for the ad that respects the candidate’s opponent or the intelligence of the recipient, or one that actually discusses an issue rather than labeling and dismissing it.

I don’t know whether this intensely disagreeable political season says more about the integrity-free candidates willing to indulge in this bile, or the voters who actually respond to it.

I do know, I will be very happy on Wednesday. At least until September…..