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My Excitement Was Short-Lived

I was thrilled when I learned that crazy Georgia Congressman Paul Broun–who had quit his seat to run for Senate–didn’t make the runoff for that office, and would henceforth be known as “former Congressman Broun.”

Broun was the member of the House Science and Technology Committee who–among many other things– rejected the theory of evolution and described biology, cosmology and geology  as “lies straight from the pit of hell.” To call him nutty as a fruitcake is an insult to fruitcakes.

Then I found that one of the two candidates vying for Broun’s vacated seat–worse, the one favored to win–is more of the same.

In a 2012 book, that candidate — pastor and talk radio host Jody Hice — alleges the gay community has a secret plot to recruit and sodomize children, In It’s Now or Never: A Call to Reclaim America, Hice also asserts that supporters of abortion rights are worse than Hitler and compares gay relationships to bestiality and incest. He proposes that Muslims be stripped of their First Amendment rights. […]

Hice claims homosexuality causes shorter life spans and depression, and he insists same-sex couples cannot raise healthy children…. Hice also offers an extreme interpretation of the Constitution, claiming states can nullify federal laws and take up arms against the federal government if they consider a federal law unjust…. In Hice’s view, the United States took a turn for the worse after the Civil War…. Hice argues that Muslim immigrants constitute an existential challenge to the United States…. Hice also compares reproductive rights advocates to Nazis.

 Hice also believes, among other things, that secularism causes sexually transmitted diseases.

Evidently, everyone in the Georgia GOP is bat-shit insane. (My apologies to bats for the comparison.)