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I’m Trying Not to Cry…..

A student who is interning at the General Assembly sent me this description of legislation working its way through the process:

“Silencers when hunting. Repeals the law that prohibits the possession or use of a silencer while in the act of hunting. Provides that a person who takes or possesses a deer or wild turkey: (1) unlawfully; (2) by illegal methods; or (3) with illegal devices; while using or possessing a silencer commits a Class C misdemeanor. Makes hunting on private land without the permission of the owner a Class B misdemeanor if the person does so while using a silencer. Makes a technical correction.”
There was a news report yesterday about Indiana’s polluted drinking water, and lawmakers’ explanation that, due to it being a short session and all, there wouldn’t be time to address that issue.
After all, they had to spend a lot of time working on the really important stuff, like teaching creationism and cursive, praying in school and “Right to Work.” And silencers.