That Swamp is Just Getting Wetter….

One thing we can say with confidence about the incoming Administration: anyone who still thinks Trump and his cronies are going to “drain the swamp” are beyond delusional.

The latest evidence that we are getting ready to turn the keys to the country over to a pack of looters and con men (and women) comes via reports that Trump is planning to find a White House position for Pam Bondi.

In case you don’t remember, Bondi is the Florida Attorney General whose office was preparing to investigate claims against Trump University when she accepted a sizable campaign contribution from The Donald, and suddenly concluded that there wasn’t really enough evidence to justify going forward with the intended lawsuit.

The contribution was not only sizable–it was illegal. As The Week reported, 

In 2016, Trump paid a $2,500 penalty to the Internal Revenue Service for an improper $25,000 donation from the Donald J. Trump Foundation to a campaign group supporting Bondi, who had solicited a contribution from Trump while her office was deciding whether to join a fraud lawsuit against Trump University. After receiving the donation, Bondi “inexplicably decided not to pursue charges against Trump University,” RedState writes, and Trump “held a posh fundraiser for Bondi at the infamous Mar-a-Lago estate.”

Bondi has claimed that she solicited the contribution before her office knew about the Trump University lawsuit, and that the investigation had never been brought to Bondi herself, that instead it had been considered by lower-level staff who made the decision not to pursue the case.

Even assuming the accuracy of Bondi’s version, however, an ethical lawyer would have returned the contribution when she was alerted to the conflict. Numerous media outlets reported upon the sequence of events and the illegal nature of the contribution. And a lawyer with any sensitivity to ethics–not to mention a political figure concerned with the appearance of impropriety– would not have allowed herself to benefit from a fundraiser held by a recent target of her office’s investigation.

Bondi is an attractive blond–I don’t know if she’s a “ten” in Trump-talk, but she’s probably at least a seven or eight–and physical appearance clearly counts with our incoming Commander in Chief. I’m sure he also finds her willingness to place political and financial considerations above the public service dimensions of her job to be equally attractive, judging from the gang (and I use the term advisedly) that he has assembled.

That swamp just keeps getting wetter…..No drain in sight.


  1. Just saw a 2 hour piece on the History Channel last night that covered every Presidential transfer of power in history, including those resulting from injuries, surgeries, illnesses, etc.. It also covered how the nuclear codes and emergency communications systems work generally and how they are transferred at the Inauguration. Interestingly, the piece started with Trump refusing to answer the question about whether he would accept the results of the election if he lost. The History Channel is notoriously non-political, but to lead with that footage, which was totally off-topic, was amazing. It said everything.

    I still haven’t recovered from the shock that the fat, lying Pussygrabber will be occupying the White House, with Pence by his side. I find myself yelling at the television and coming up with new insulting names (which even I find amusing after my anger subsides), and unable to look at the Pussygrabber’s face, because of the revulsion I feel and fear over what’s coming. Today, the spokeswitch for the Pussygrabber commented about how bad it was that celebrities like Meryl Streep were using their fame to sow seeds of discourse and inciting the worse elements of people. I mean, why does anyone let that witch near a microphone? All she does is lie and pivot, and I’m already sick of it even though the Pussygrabber hasn’t even been inaugurated. Of course, that tactic did work, which is why it will continue. How long before people wake up? On the 20th, the Pussygrabber will be given the football (portable secure emergency communication system needed to launch a nuclear attack) and the biscuit (the card containing the actual Presidential codes which expire for President Obama on January 20th at noon). The only other obstacle to having the button pushed is the concurrence of the Secretary of Defense. You should be scared witless.

  2. Natasha

    I expect the in the next four years we’ll find out how patriotic our military is when the opportunity comes for them to tell Trump no.

    Will they? I don’t know.

  3. DC is not the only swamp that needs draining and rehabilitating. Red Texas is in need of a body off, ground up restoration. Texas’ new law to bury or cremate fetal remains (so Planned Parenthood can’t sell parts and buy fancy sports cars) adds nearly $2000 to the price of an abortion. That is such a burden it is probably unconstitutional. So Texas lawyers said they meant mass burials and that would bring the cost down to $2 a head. Wingnuts and their utter respect for a fetus. until it is forced to be born, is amazing.

    Sorry for getting off topic.

  4. What is required for a military takeover of this country? I would rather have our own military “boots on the ground” than Russia, Iran, North Korea or Syria. Put those private prisons to good use; fill them with Trump, Pence and his appointees.

    Or; can my words be considered treason and get me arrested rather than the criminal element preparing their takeover of our government? Marv???

  5. Good luck on getting military support. Looks like they are Trump lovers, and blamed Obama – not Congress – for policies and cuts on embassy security.

    I know several people in the military or had family in the military. I could never understand their intense dislike of Obama and Hillary. They ALL were HUGE Trump supporters and voted straight Republican ticket. They have been suspiciously quiet lately, and I am curious if they now have regrets.

  6. I’m scared too. A direct hit would be better than a lingering death. List the impeachable offenses….
    I’m curious . We hear all the time about Papa Trump. Where’s Mama?

  7. JoAnn,

    What you said isn’t treason, but you have to watch out when you’re talking about the President. I mentioned something about the President once, it wasn’t even negative. I used the words, “it involves the HEALTH and safety of the President (Clinton). I was talking to an assistant federal district attorney. He said, “you’ll have to stay in my office until someone from Washington flies in.” I guess he took the word HEALTH as a threat, which it wasn’t. It was just the opposite. I was in Jacksonville at the time. About five hours later, an attorney with Naval Intelligence finally arrives to interrogate me over absolutely nothing.

    That why I’m trying to vent all my public, vocal, feelings about Trump, before he is sworn in. It doesn’t take much to set the alarm off.

  8. I have an idea that might actually push Trump over the edge. Since he feels compelled to tweet about every little slight, orchestrate a day when every actor/actress, sports star, politician or VIP willing to participate complains about him on the air/tweet or any other public forum. He will go nuts (excuse me, nuttier) trying to revenge each and every one!

  9. To All,

    Trump with his OUTDATED Nazi playbook is leading us into the same CATASTROPHIC situation that eventually befell the German people….Their ILL-FATED PACT with the Russians. Putin has set us up for the kill, just like Stalin did to Hitler.

    The Nazis at least had a chance. We don’t have any, unless we get rid of this KOCH/BUSH, OUT OF CONTROL, MONSTER before it’s too late for all of us, Democrats and Republicans alike.

  10. Thanks Marv; I have been concerned about some of my comments even now, before the inauguration. I also have wondered just how much freedom of speech we will be allowed after. We are looking at a different world; our day-to-day lives will be changed…and probably changed again and again to suit his whims.

  11. Everyone should join in on this STAGED RE-CREATION of Nazi Germany. I suggest the PARTS at play are open to ALL AMERICANS. Let’s have fun and enjoy it while we can.

  12. I have recently been reading articles about Democrat messaging in response to Trumpism. Most of the articles conclude that the messaging isn’t working. And based on some of the comments I read from DT’s supporters, I think that conclusion is probably correct. I was struck by the approach taken in Keith Olbermann’s recent video – where he asked Trump supporters to consider things from a certain point if view. I wonder if that general approach would be more successful. For example, what if Democrats just started asking questions–such as “do you feel safe with DT dealing with foreign policy and national defense?” Or “do you think you and your family will be able to deal with medical expenses if the ACA is repealed?” Those questions are not very artfully crafted, but I hope you get the idea. I think there may be pushback to this approach because we’re afraid the Trump supporters won’t get the answers “right” – but isn’t that the basis of the label “elite”? Like it or not, we have 2 years until the next general election. We need to develop a messaging strategy that will make a difference then.

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