The Day After

Late night last night, so no post today.

Inexplicable. Likely corrupt. But no matter–I’ve lost my country, and I am devastated.


  1. Regarding the polling…Just curious…gotta ask…given Americans ever-growing disdain for anything “corporate”, “elite”, “mainstream media”,”science”, “data”, why in (Trump’s) name do they think that folks who voted for Trump and crew would tell them the truth (or go out of their way to say the opposite) just for “fun”?

  2. I would add that the vast majority of the Republicans in the Senate do not like Trump and do not think he was good for the country. They supported Trump because of FEAR of Trump activating his base against them, and possibly primarying them. He might be able to do that as an ex-President threatening to run again in 2024, but not sure it will be quite the same thing.

  3. Paul – I was just reading your last entry and couldn’t help but think what a sad state our country is in –
    “You also have to remember that the reason why many of these GOP Senators did nothing these past four years was that they were terrified because Trump was President and would go after them. Now they won’t have to worry about that. I could see GOP Senators going along with laws such as requiring disclosure of income tax returns for presidential candidates, protecting whistleblowers, protecting inspectors general, making the Justice Department more independent so it doesn’t face political pressure.”

    I mean, seriously, this is where we are.

  4. In agreement with everyone – especially on the lack of ability for voters to think critically as evidenced by their repeating GOP soundbites – but here in California conservative thought processes begin and end with Fox News and radio stations that carry Rush Limbaugh. How is it conglomerated stations are able to broadcast hate speech – under the guise of free speech – without repercussion?

  5. Punch Down! Punch DOWN!! PUNCH DOWNWARD!

    Who knew Uncle Joe would be so effective in winning the Democrats the Senate!!

  6. I’m so disappointed with the state of Ind. First state to declare for DJT! Ind. doesn’t count mail in votes until election day, and there were more than usual due to pandemic. Seems like record time to count Marion & Lake counties. It looks like one of Holcomb’s main aims was to please his predecessor Mike Pence! First state all red on the national map? After a lot of us waiting in line for hours braving IN climate conditions, and geared up for a deadly pandemic the sacrifice needs recognition. We’re not recognized here!

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