Power Versus Principle

Recently the Indiana Civil Liberties Union brought a suit challenging the constitutionality of Indiana’s property tax assessment formula. We did so because we believe it violates federal constitutional guarantees of equal protection as well as provisions of the Indiana Constitution.
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Censorship and the Arts

I have this recurring fantasy: a caveman discovers that he can produce drawings of the animals he hunts on the walls of his cave. Excited by the possibilities of his art, energized by the creative act, he produces a drawing–only to have it rubbed angrily off the cave wall by someone in his tribe who declares that the depiction of animal…
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Note From the Grinch

I became Executive Director of the Indiana Civil Liberties Union in June of 1992, so the Christmas just past was my first experience being a part of an organization that– judging from letters to Editors and assorted syndicated columns — everyone loves to hate. On the assumption…
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