Those Silly Lawsuits

Civil libertarians – who find political correctness as offensive as state-sponsored censorship – can frequently be heard to express the opinion that there is, after all, no constitutional right not to be offended. There are all sorts of annoyances that we can and must put up with as the price…
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Season’s Greetings

Dear Friends … I can’t believe that it’s time for our annual Christmas letter! How time flies! As you know from last year’s letter, son Joe was elected to the state legislature, where he has been leading the fight against the gay agenda. If you have been reading…
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The Star has asked if there is a constitutional right to die. But framing the issue in that way is misleading. There is no enumerated right to die. just as there Is no right to hold particular religious beliefs or to marry outside one’s race or to join a political action group.
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Ten commandments

I suppose it was only a matter of time until Indiana became embroiled in one of the more recent church-state controversies: the movement to post the Ten Commandments on the walls of courtrooms and government buildings throughout the country.
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