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You Could See This One Coming…..

Yesterday, there was an attempted robbery at a northwest side  Kroger Store; the perpetrator stuck “something” (evidently not a weapon, although reports weren’t clear on the point) in the back of a clerk and made her walk to the office where the money was kept. At that point, another Kroger employee pulled out a gun and killed the would-be robber.

Wuss that I am, I think I’d just have let him have the money.

The media was all over the story. My husband looked at me during one of the TV reports and said “Here we go again. It won’t be two days until the gun  lovers start insisting that everyone should be armed.”

He was wrong; it only took a day. One Mike Speedy, a member of the General Assembly, was quoted in this morning’s Star decrying Kroger’s policy against gun-toting employees, saying “This could have turned out a different way if that employee was not carrying. Kroger could have two dead employees. What value is their policy then?”

How do we elect these people?

I can see it now: Shoot-out in canned goods! Gunfire in the cereal aisle (those granola-eating liberals had it coming…they weren’t even packing heat!) So what if Kroger has to pay zillions of dollars to innocent shoppers who might inadvertently step into the line of fire? So what if a trigger-happy employee misconstrues a “situation” and starts shooting? So what if…well, let’s just say there are innumerable scenarios that would not end well.

I don’t know about Mr. (or Mrs.) Speedy, but knowing that the guy restocking the dairy case is carrying would certainly get me to shop–elsewhere.