Welcome to my “new look”

As you can see if you have visited sheilakennedy.net previously, my site has a new look–and a somewhat different layout. Thanks to my tech whiz son for this update–he charges clients real money for web design, among other things (see http://stephensuess.com/).

Those of you who are used to coming here for columns I’ve written for the Indianapolis Star or the Indiana Word will find them by clicking on the usual categories; ditto for those seeking a particular academic paper. What has changed is that I will first post these items–along with my blog posts for the American Values Alliance (www.valuesalliance.org)  in chronological order, in “blog format” if you will.  From time to time I write for other outlets, and those will appear here also. And as time goes on, I will probably post items here that won’t appear elsewhere.  You might think of this site as a Sheila Kennedy aggregator, in a manner of speaking.  

You can also choose to talk back, and leave comments. One caveat: while I welcome reasoned and civil disagreement, I don’t intend to give a platform to people whose idea of “commentary” is name-calling and/or abuse. (My column already generates plenty of that.) So if you comment and it doesn’t show up, you might want to get out your dictionary and look up “ad hominen attacks.”

I hope you enjoy the new look, and I hope you visit often.

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