Why We Are Freaked Out

A friend sent me this brief video played by Sony at a recent shareholders meeting.

I’ll think about this the next time I hear someone cry “I want my country back!” As it vividly shows, the pace of change has accelerated dramatically–possibly more dramatically than many people can handle. It doesn’t make angry, uninformed and venomous behavior excusable, but it does help us to understand the source of much of the discomfort.


  1. I think you hit it Sheila. For people who don’t like change, the modern world must be horribly threatening place.

    And a thought from a friend who I forwarded the video to:

    “The problem is only going to be compounded by the modern culture of companies to never spend a nickel training anyone. They’re going to have to change their ways as they require more and more specialized technical knowledge for their workforce.”

    I’m wondering whether companies in the future will actually spend money on employee development or just hire young, savvy people for the short term and discard them when their knowledge base is becoming out of date.

  2. Ms. Kennedy:

    I am sorry to hear the you have written your last column for the The Star. I always found your columns to be very thoughtful and well-reasoned. As a lawyer, I appreciate your ability to cut through legal jargon and to lucidly discuss the essence and the nuance of Constitutional and other legal issues. I will miss your column. I wonder if you can disclose why your contributions to The Star must come to an end? In any event, it is the Star’s and its readers’ loss. Best wishes.

  3. Thank you for your very kind words.

    The Editorial Page editor clearly did not consider me a favorite contributor, and had been trying to reduce my frequency for quite a while. I finally got tired of “lost” and otherwise “unsuitable” columns. The blog will allow me to be more timely, and I plan to blog most days. I will also have a monthly print column in the IBJ beginning in March.

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