Where are the Men in the White Coats When You Need Them?

News flash! The Congressional Subcommittee on Energy and Power has recently voted that human activity does not cause climate change. The GOP majority was evidently unmoved by the scientific consensus to the contrary, so they simply voted to overturn it.

Reminds me of Indiana’s action (in 1897) to repeal the value of pi.

"Section 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of
     Indiana: It has been found that a circular area is to the square on
     a line equal to the quadrant of the circumference, as the area of an
     equilateral rectangle is to the square on one side. The diameter
     employed as the linear unit according to the present rule in
     computing the circle's area is entirely wrong, as it represents the
     circles area one and one-fifths times the area of a square whose
     perimeter is equal to the circumference of the circle. This is
     because one-fifth of the diameter fils to be represented four times
     in the circle's circumference. For example: if we multiply the
     perimeter of a square by one-fourth of any line one-fifth greater
     than one side, we can, in like manner make the square's area to
     appear one fifth greater than the fact, as is done by taking the
     diameter for the linear unit instead of the quadrant of the circle's

I don't know whether to laugh or cry......


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