Better to be Thought a Fool than to Open Your Mouth and Remove All Doubt

Donald Trump. Need I say more?

Trump has actually trumped the buffoonery displayed by his birtherism. Today, he is being quoted as saying that President Obama wasn’t smart enough to go to an Ivy League school. This is a none-too-thinly veiled attempt to paint Obama as the beneficiary of affirmative action. (Perhaps he was worried that the racism of his prior attacks had been too subtle?)

The most depressing thing I can say about contemporary America is that it includes a not-insignificant number of people who actually take gasbag self-promoters like The Donald seriously.


  1. Trump is over-estimating the intelligence of his political base — intimating “racial quotas favoring the coloreds” is kind of subtle. He should just cut to the chase and use the old reliable: burning crosses on the White House lawn should do the trick!

  2. Of course, Trump’s kids were provided with affirmative action by their affluent education at schools like Choate. Out of my prep school class of 88, 7 of us went to Columbia. I think 9 were accepted. That’s out of a class of 88! Now I interview kids from Indiana for Columbia and the kids from private schools have preparation that public schools often can’t provide.

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