No Deep Thoughts Today…

…but maybe someone can answer a very unimportant question that has been nagging at me for some time: Why don’t men like Donald Trump and Pat Bauer change their haircuts/toupees? Both have been mocked incessantly. They have to know that people think they look ridiculous. If they really want to be taken seriously, why wouldn’t they ditch the dos?

And yes, the constant rain has turned my brain to mush…..


  1. I once reminded Pat Bauer that Sam Rayburn will be remembered as a great Speaker of the House despite being short, heavyset and bald. I guess Bauer didn’t listen…

  2. I think it is because it has become sort of a instant identifier for both of them. They stand out in a crowd. Whether that is a plus or a minus, I’ll leave to others more qualified.

    I had also always wondered why former coach Gene Keady kept up the pretense with his fading hair. I finally decided that it had kind of snuck up on him over the years, but by the time he finally came to grips with his balding pate, that hairstyle had become his trademark. So, he kept it. It made him easily recognizable.

    And, for all three, I think that is the point.

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