Mike Pence–running on retrograde

The IBJ reports that Mike Pence is coming back to Indiana  “to fight Washington, D.C.”  The paper noted that Pence was light on specifics, but did promise to fight health care reform and federal climate change legislation.

In what alternate universe do candidates who’ve spent  a major part of the past decades as part of the Washington, D.C. establishment run on a platform to fight Washington? On what planet do candidates ask for votes on the basis that they’re against healthcare and the environment?  (Vote for me! I’m in the pocket of the insurance lobby and I’m a climate-change denier!)

You have to give him credit for consistency, though–he’s AGAINST abortion, AGAINST same-sex marriage, AGAINST providing healthcare to those who can’t afford it or who’ve been denied coverage for pre-existing conditions, AGAINST stem-cell research, and AGAINST efforts to stop environmental degradation.  Perhaps his slogan should be “Mike Pence: against progress and the people of Indiana.”


  1. He’s gonna run on the “He’s one of us” slogans like his man MITCH. Of course, that means he thinks all Hoosiers are rightwing, Christian, evangelical, white troglydytes.. not much of an endorsement of my home state.

  2. Pretty bold for a guy who was trying to get to Washington at least as early as ’88. I was glancing at a high school paper of mine from my senior year and noticed he was on the ballot being discussed by the paper.

  3. Mike Pence made comments about fighting “Obamacare” and “cap and trade”. It does seem a bit unfair that you chose to change those terms to: “health care reform” and “federal climate change legislation.”

    I understand you don’t like Mr. Pence, and I respect your opinion. However, it seems unfair to substitute your words, (which poll much better), than to use Mike’s. Most of the state should know (Baron Hill excluded) that cap and trade will cost Indiana more than almost every other state. That is one reason why cap and trade isn’t a very popular topic here.

  4. I quoted directly from the IBJ–if you are correct, and they changed the language, you have a valid point.

  5. However, no matter what he is AGAINST, it still makes Indiana look behind the times. Clearly Pence has set a conservative agenda, I just don’t know how that will engender acceptance from national and international business interests that we so crave for our state. It should be all about creating jobs. Not about battling Washington.

  6. Obamacare is a loaded term used by the right to discredit the concept of health care reform. It is kind of like calling people ‘teabaggers’. If anything it lends Pence an unearned dignity to suggest he might opt not to use the cheap shot phrasing.

  7. Mike was recently quoted by the Indianapolis Star as saying “I am a Christian, a conservative and a Repulican; and in that order”. Truth is he is a theocrat and a job killer. What if you are not a Christian, or conservative, or (God forbid) a Republican? Will Pence give your alternate views a fair hearing? (Doubt it). Pence’s Congressional district includes Anderson. Since GM pulled out of here, destroying thousands of jobs and leaving ugly, unuseable buildings, what has Pence done to revitalize this area with new jobs? Zero, that’s what. I will happily vote for whomever opposes Pence just to that Pence doesn’t get the Governor’s chair.

  8. Jonathan: Your first criticism of Pence is that you believe he is closed-minded. Yet you admit to having no evidence other than the fact he admits to having faith in God, being a conservative and considering himself a Republican? You just described 1/3 of the country. Seems a bit weak to me.

    Your second criticism is that Pence has not done enough to revitalize Anderson, which is within his Congressional District. How exactly do you expect a Congressman like Pence to revitalize this area? Get a bill passed by 300 members of Congress that Anderson is more important than their own Congressional Districts? Wave a magic wand?

    If people want to oppose Pence because they don’t agree with him idealogically, that’s fair. But let’s admit the real reasons instead of making up bogus/unfair ones.

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