Election Day

Today is election day in Indiana.

I know the system is close to broken. We’ve been subjected to negative ads because candidates believe–unfortunately, with much justification–that they cannot be elected unless they “define” their opponents. Districts have been gerrymandered. In Indiana, Republicans have worked to make it more difficult for people–especially poor people–to cast a vote. There are numerous flaws we can point to–or use as an excuse not to participate.

If we use those flaws as an excuse, however, we’re complicit. We’ll never fix what’s broken unless we participate in the political system, and the absolute minimum participation is through exercise of our franchise.


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  1. The system is broken because we looked the other way and tolerated all the demographics who gamed it, out of the pockets of citizenry who have paid for it (to the extent we’ve really paid for anything of late).

    Voting for responsible behavior, citizenry, and representation requires thinking for yourself, and unfortunately a thick skin.

    Do it anyway.

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