I’m Trying Not to Cry…..

A student who is interning at the General Assembly sent me this description of legislation working its way through the process:

“Silencers when hunting. Repeals the law that prohibits the possession or use of a silencer while in the act of hunting. Provides that a person who takes or possesses a deer or wild turkey: (1) unlawfully; (2) by illegal methods; or (3) with illegal devices; while using or possessing a silencer commits a Class C misdemeanor. Makes hunting on private land without the permission of the owner a Class B misdemeanor if the person does so while using a silencer. Makes a technical correction.”
There was a news report yesterday about Indiana’s polluted drinking water, and lawmakers’ explanation that, due to it being a short session and all, there wouldn’t be time to address that issue.
After all, they had to spend a lot of time working on the really important stuff, like teaching creationism and cursive, praying in school and “Right to Work.” And silencers.


  1. Makes me ill to watch Indiana fall further and further into the column of the irrelevant with all the dark ages and guilded age thinking going on at the statehouse. What may be worse is to watch the public sitting on their hands, all happy with the Superbowl that is costing them millions upon millions of dollars.

  2. Silencers when hunting? That’s insane! Your lawmakers sound like our lawmakers!

  3. Emergency Matters Only indeed.

    More like “introduce suspect legislation and sneak it into law when the public and the press isn’t paying as much attention.”

    Once again proving that Indiana elects some of the Worst Legislators in the Country.

  4. This is just as bad as the new law working its way
    through the legislature allowing hunters to kill wild animals in confined areas that won’t allow the animal to escape. I contacted Scott Reske’s office about this and he is opposed to this practice but I don’t know if his opposition will be enough to halt this legislation…..

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