The Indiana Legislature in Action

When a Facebook friend posted yesterday that the Indiana House had voted 78-2 to declare the Grouseland the state’s official rifle, I was sure he was joking.

Apparently, he wasn’t.

According to news reports, the House vote followed a similar wide approval (48-2) by the Senate.  If Gov. Daniels signs it, Indiana will have the (dubious) distinction of being only the third state with an official gun.

Whoopee for us.

So let’s see if I can put this important piece of legislation into perspective. Lawmakers didn’t “have time” to consider legislation that would have allowed Indianapolis citizens to hold a referendum on public transportation–a critical element of economic development. But they did have time to debate the proper singing of the  national anthem, consider whether Girl Scouts are secret lesbian members of Planned Parenthood, and argue about who should be able to buy specialty license plates. They couldn’t manage to agree on the terms of a smoking ban that would actually protect the public health, but they were able to be virtually unanimous in designating a state gun.

Well, that will certainly make life better for those of us who live in Indiana.

Use that gun. Kill me now.


  1. well, at least they didn’t try to legislate the value of PI this time around !

  2. right up there with the official language – harder than heck to find anyone in the state using an authentic version…

  3. Perhaps in this spirit of near unanimity it’s not to late to suspend the rules and designate the State cookie. Special plate for it completely optional.

  4. Can’t go after the sacred cow of township government, but there’s time to coronate the firearm of choice to be toted in one hand, while balancing your sugar cream pie in the other.

    I was wrong. There is an asset to an Illinois walk-out.

  5. While living in Florida for seven years I learned that Indiana is a great state to BE FROM. Sure wish I were still FROM Indiana and not back here where the inmates are running this asylum. I have hoped for years this legislature would do something to get illegal guns off of our streets and recognize how lethal drunk drivers are. Instead we will have a legally recognized State Gun and have been warned to beware of Girl Scouts.

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