Critical Thinking

The IBJ reports that Indiana’s ISTEP test will be revised to include a new emphasis on critical thinking.

I hate to be snarky, but have they considered giving that portion of the test to our state legislators? Or perhaps to Romney advisor Ed Gillespie, who appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, and “explained” Governor Romney’s position on Planned Parenthood.

When asked if Romney really meant it when he said he’d get rid of Planned Parenthood, Gillepsie said of course, but “getting rid of Planned Parenthood” wasn’t really “getting rid of it.” Because “defunding” isn’t the same as “not having funding.”

Well, Ed, let me try to explain this to you.

When the vast majority of the money you need in order to provide services comes from government, and government stops giving you that money, the result is that you don’t have the funds necessary to survive. That’s called “getting rid of it.” And if Governor Romney is elected and follows through–if he does “get rid of it”–thousands of poor women will lose access to basic healthcare, the provision of which–crazy rightwing rhetoric to the contrary–is the vast majority of what Planned Parenthood does.

Darn! Where’s that “critical thinking” thing when you really need it?



  1. It’s simple, Sheila. It’s killing it by deliberate neglect. That houseplant didn’t die because you you stopped watering it–it died because it wasn’t able to find an alternate watering source. I look for this to be the preferred defense of child abusers in the future.

    “I didn’t kill the child, Your Honor. He was just too weak to crawl to the local shelter.”

  2. For a company that did a billion dollars worth of business last year and made 9 figures worth of profit, I think critical thinking leads us to “why are we funding them again?”

    If they were interested at all in inclusiveness and broad appeal, they would have spun off the abortion wing into a separate entity years ago. Then again, they wouldn’t operating as a profitable non-profit with huge government subsidies.

    What budget deficit?

  3. Why should they spin off abortion services? Abortion is a legal procedure.

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