File Under: Just Shoot Me Now

The brazen David Barton strikes again.

If we did even a reasonable job of civics education in this country, people like Barton would be objects of laughter–as they so richly deserve.

That said, this latest bit of historical revisionism is so self-evidently ridiculous, the only people who would fall for it would be those who really want to believe…


  1. That’s why more than ever; we need more time spent on civic education in our public schools.

  2. The educational and business gurus from Washington and Indianapolis insist we need 4 years of college prep math in high school – even if your career path points to other preparation – but there is no such commitment to civics education which EVERYONE needs.

    Some don’t want to educate students to think for themselves but to do what they are told in the workplace and by the politicians super PACs elect. Civics education has never been more needed.

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