Res Ipsa Loquitor

There is a legal term, “res ipsa loquitor,” meaning “the thing speaks for itself.” Today’s example? The Texas Republican Party Platform. 

Texas Republicans call for abolishing the 16th Amendment, which authorized the Income Tax. It calls for repeal of the tax on capital gains, and the abolition of the state’s property tax. It opposes the imposition of ANY tax other than a (regressive) sales tax. And it demands a return to the gold standard. (There was no call for abolition of public services, and the document appears silent on how, exactly, those services are to be paid for.) The platform also supports privatization of Social Security.

By far the most telling provisions of the GOP platform, however, are those addressing education.

The party goes on record opposing “multicultural” education, and supporting the use of corporal punishment by school officials. It demands that “both sides” be taught when “controversial” theories like evolution and climate change are addressed.

Given these positions, it should come as no surprise that the platform also opposes the teaching of critical thinking skills–since those “undermine parental authority.” Such skills probably DO undermine the parental authority of the authors of this platform–which speaks for itself.

I don’t know what happened, exactly, to turn the Republican Party I used to belong to into whatever it is today–but I am pretty  sure it wasn’t critical thinking.


2 thoughts on “Res Ipsa Loquitor

  1. I think that current day Republicans want to live in the middle ages where there were two classes: nobility and serfs. They want to go to a time when the nobility could abuse the serfs.

    What makes this sad is that I truly believe this. What happened to the great leaders (who are now called RINOs) like D. Eisenhower and B. Goldwater?

    Ronald Rodgers

  2. With this platform, there should soon be a return to “colored” restrooms and water fountains. Restaurants, from their back doors, can serve their African-American patrons outside.

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