I Think We’re Onto Something….

Usually, when I am hot and bothered about something, other people aren’t. (Something about me has always been out of step…) I’m used to people shrugging and yawning–and occasionally suggesting therapy. So this article in yesterday’s Fort Wayne Journal Gazette was a very pleasant surprise.

In the interests of shameless self-promotion, I am yielding todays blog post to the Journal Gazette, and encouraging you to read the whole thing!

On a different note, we’ve been having internet connectivity problems at my house. This periodic lack of access throws me into  panic and depression. I guess addiction isn’t limited to drugs….Anyway, posting will be iffy until it’s fixed, which we hope will be today.


  1. “Kennedy, a former Republican candidate for Congress and former director of the Indiana Civil Liberties Union, said the initiative won’t be ideological.”

    Well, let’s hope so…….but I suspect that certain folks who have their own set of facts regardless of reality will view the exercise of critical thinking and dialogue a form of “socialist brainwashing” if not a work of Satan.

    Them aside…….it’s an exciting concept!

  2. Good Read. Here is an idea:
    Instead of asking people to produce their Gun Permit or Drivers license, ask them to answer a few basic questions about their government. This would almost certainly disenfranchise the entire Tea Party.
    It would be FUN too.

  3. In my mind, this is indirectly a civics issue but I admit I am just as much in the dark regarding civics as too many other Americans. I just signed a petition from the National Women’s Law Center asking the Senate to take action on 18 judicial nominees waiting for a vote. Apparently there are 76 judgeships empty, 31 of these vacancies are considered emergencies, while court calendars continue to fill up and back up. Does anyone know exactly what the current Senate is actually doing? We know the House is probably looking for a 34th way to attempt to repeal health care reform. Does the public have no recourse to force these people, essentially “hired” by us when we elected them, to do their job? The country sits in limbo while they sit on their well-padded backsides with fingers up their noses seeking only ways to rid this country of it’s first Black POTUS. Have we no rights in the issue of forcing them to take action on major problems – such as unemployment – or must we wait till they are up for reelection?

  4. If the whole endeavor is to be straight-up, non-denominational civics- wonderful, thank you, and congratulations on the publicity for the undertaking.

    As already stated, the endless challenge is to deal with “…certain folks who have their own set of facts regardless of reality…”.

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