Use the Damn Money to Do Your Job

Not-my-man Mitch has announced that the state has a 2+ billion dollar surplus, and that he plans to return 100. to each taxpayer.

Let me see if I have this right: Indiana has shitty transportation, neglected parks, and substandard schools. We have a Department of Childrens Services that is so understaffed that children are literally dying. Services have suffered while public servants have been furloughed and fired. But rather than apply the surplus to any of these purposes, Daniels proposes to send each of us taxpayers a refund sufficient to buy a nice dinner.


John Gregg and Vi Simpson reacted strongly–and appropriately– to the Governor’s announcement, pointing out that a significant part of the “surplus” Daniels is bragging about includes money that should have been spent by DCS on programs to protect children.

Between 2007 and 2011, DCS returned more than 234 million dollars to the state’s general fund. During that same time period, the Indianapolis Star found at least 25 Hoosier children had died even though DCS had been notified of abuse or other severe problems in their families. Gregg told of one 12-year-old boy who was beaten to death on the very same day that DCS closed its investigations into allegations that the boy was the victim of neglect and abuse. He also noted that the Department has stopped its previous practice of providing mental health services to families with children who pose a threat to themselves or others.

For years, child advocacy organizations have echoed the Star’s conclusion that the agency has too few caseworkers and is underfunded, but miraculously, it had $234 million dollars “left over” to return to the state’s general fund.

Guess what, Governor Daniels? I don’t want a refund. I want to live in a state with a reasonable quality of life. I want to live in a state with a decent educational system. And I definitely want to live in a state that takes its obligation to protect defenseless children seriously.

I can buy my own damn dinner.


  1. Don’t you know what of bonus that probably garnered for the person who signed off on returning that money to the state’s coffers?!?

  2. If I didn’t pay my bills I, too, would have a surplus. As for that paultry $100 Daniels is sending taxpayers; what about those of us at the bottom of the income scale whose income isn’t high enough to file income taxes? Remember that extra refund Bush sent out to all Americans? As one of those who doesn’t file income tax, I also received the documents to return for my “refund”. I tore them up, leaving my personal information intact, wrote a brief message that I don’t file taxes so do not deserve a refund. That probably confused IRS. They later sent a letter telling me they had not yet received my tax forms; I ignored it. This matters not to anyone but myself and I wouldn’t accept Daniels pay-for-my-vote $100 either.

  3. I recently read that in WI (The new Right Wing Crazy HQ) they received millions from the drug company rip-off law suit. They put thier millions right into the Medicaid fund for those who were probably ripped off in the first place. But Our Bitch Mitch, he can ALWAY be counted on to do the WRONG thing. Sad.
    Another example of how the people have no moral center other than $$$$$.

  4. Saw an interesting story that debunks the claim that Canadians come south for healthcare en mass because of socialized medicine. The author points out that while Canadians take home relatively the same amount of pay after taxes (81.9% compared to US average of 82%) they get more services offered. I just find it interesting, in relation to this because IN has done such a terrible job of making use of taxpayer dollars.

  5. Pence campaign: Approximately $50 million.

    A single Hoosier voter: $100.00

    Complete control of Indiana state government: Priceless

  6. Fortunately, we can do our job as citizens and donate our time and “damn money” as we see fit when it’s returned to our pockets.

  7. Well Said! All these savings have developed on the backs of those whom can least afford it and are our most vulnerable. Well said.

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