Echoes of Republicanism Past…..

This morning’s Star reports that Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller has conceded the unconstitutionality of the anti-immigration bill sponsored by Rep. Mike Delph and passed by the General Assembly.

For those of you who do not follow such things, Indiana had passed its own version of Arizona’s mean-spirited and deeply flawed immigration law; a couple of months ago, the Supreme Court found virtually all of the Arizona law unconstitutional. That decision operated to doom most of the Indiana statute as well. And rather than use the Court’s decision as an occasion for grandstanding or ideological posturing, Zoeller did what a good lawyer in that office should do–he agreed that Indiana should follow the law.

The article also quotes an observation by former Marion County GOP Chair Mike Murphy to the effect that much of the current anti-immigration fervor on display is a response to tough economic times; in such times, he points out, people look for someone to blame.

An elected official doing his job properly, and a political operative conceding to the nature of reality might not seem newsworthy, but it is a small, heartening reminder of the GOP to which I used to belong–the party that produced Bill Hudnut , Dick Lugar and John Mutz.

Now we have Mike Delph, Mike Pence and Richard Mourdock. It’s enough to make you cry.


  1. It might be nice to interview some of the old guys for their take on the “New” party
    Especially Mayor Hudnut. I always loved him in the green suit on St. Pattys day. Pretty
    cool guy.
    Lugar…not so much. I think he only came up with Unigov to make darn sure that we
    did not end up with a Black Dem mayor in Indy like they were getting in other US cities. That
    seemed a pretty racist start to his career. More in keeping with the “NEW” party.
    The more I think about it, Unigov has a LOT in common with the new “Jim Crow” laws
    that the Republicans are pushing under the cover of Voter ID Laws. The problem was:
    Too many Black Folks, not enough White folks in Indianapolis (OLD City Limits)
    Their Solution: Let EVERYONE in the entire county vote for Indianapolis Mayor. NOW
    those pesky Black Democrats could not elect a mayor and take over “Our” city. It worked
    too. Indy was one of the few cities that did not end up with a black mayor in those years.
    We did not really get a unified government…We still paid for multiple police and fire departments but they did keep White Republican rule for much longer than any other mid size or large city. Here is a quick example of what Indy was like when I moved her in 1975.
    I asked a customer of mine (Rich white guy) where people go downtown at night.
    He said
    “Downtown? Their ain’t nothin downtown but Queers & Blacks after 6.
    Why the heck would you go downtown?”
    (Replace black with the “N” word for the real quote)
    Another Lugar thing…even though he had Gay folks in his circle for years, it never
    stopped him from being an ass on Gay issues. It is time for a new Democratic Senator.
    But we will probably get the nearly moronic Republican.

  2. Sheila; thank you for again pointing out that the Republican party of today is not the Republican party of years past – recent years past. I supported Senator Mike Delph’s attempts to cite or fine employers knowingly hiring illegal immigrants and landlords renting to them. He repeatedly got shot down by Merritt who is also a Republican and stated it is not the state’s job to solve the illegal immigrant problem. I messaged Merritt so often asking him to support Senator Delph’s bill that he messaged me asking for my home phone number to call me that night to “discuss the issue.” When I responded that I am deaf and must communicate via E-mail, I never heard from him again. Deporting known illegal immigrants from our jails and prisons would be a good place to start and they are sitting there, being supported by all of us, so can’t run away. This would help resolve the overcrowding problem and save millions in tax dollars.

    I live in a small housing development which abuts Raytheon on the west side, the development consists of approximately 5 blocks north to south of Pasadena, 3 blocks of 17th and 19th Streets which curve around, meeting at the east end of 18th Street. All homes were seriously damaged in the hail storm 6 years ago; almost every roof in this neighborood was replaced – by Hispanic workers. I walk daily with a 4-wheeled walker; license plates were from other states, Texas to Connecticut. Only 2 homes were reroofed by non-Hispanic roofers. None of the Hispanic workers spoke English; attempting to find a company to repair my roof, I was met with blank stares and shrugged shoulders. Finally a sub-contractor came to my door; I specifically asked if his Hispanic workers speak English and he assured me they did – they of course did not. It is well known that illegal immigrants work here and send money to their homelands; they are not only taking jobs from citizens and LEGAL immigrants but the money they earn is not going back into our economy.

    Because 2 of my grandsons and 2 great-granddaughters were victims of child molest, I receive regular notification when new sex offenders move into the neighborhood. We have had 4 registered child molesters living here for years. I print out their picture and criminal record and give copies to families with children. I stopped at the home of 3 generations of Hispanics, including 2 very young boys. No one spoke English, the oldest boy (6-7) didn’t understand what I was saying so I just left my flyer. The immigrants who don’t bother learning any English but our monetary values cannot be told of possible dangers living a few houses away.

    This government at all levels and of both parties needs to stop wasting time and money and do something of value. They are all in a pissing contest, seeking votes instead of seeking legal ways to resolve the illegal problem while protecting the rights of the rest of us.

  3. It’s economics. Some people can see racism in anything and everything. But, if fundamentally, you’re not ready to open your front door to take care of all who drift in, if you don’t expect the shoe store down the street to let everybody in for free shoes, if you don’t expect the movie theatre to not collect ticket money from their patrons- then I can can understand why you would believe in open migration, free borders, whatever you want to call it.

    Before they drifted to “ObamaTax” from “ObamaCare”, one of the supreme court justices brought up the notion of “limiting principles”. If we don’t have limitations for economic systems, whether household or countrywide, how do we expect them to function?

    You want to debate that we should cut from defense before entitlements- fine, and I could agree with you on some of it. You want no “citizenry” or “non-citizenry”, just universal everything for everybody- fine. Wonderful.

    But, to have the notion that we have endless buckets of money to lavish benefits for all our inter-galactic participants when we can’t even take care of commitments (logical and affordable or not) for citizenry, is ludicrous. Either group in-question could be white, black, brown, magenta with purple wings… doesn’t care about your looks when there isn’t enough to go around.

    Tax the rich some more- take all their taxable income- take all that can be reaped from the half of America that don’t pay federal taxes while you’re at it. Will it pay for all the debt, deficit, and financial obligations to which we’re commited (double and triple-digit trillions)- while we rebuild our graduation rates, infrastructure, and try to globally compete? What do you think?

    Our government is too big.

  4. When you fail to grasp the basic fundamental differences between immigration and illegal immigration, I think you’re doing more and more to perpetuate the stereotype that Democrats have no understanding of so many key issues.

    I had occasion to speak with a few DEA agents working along the border last month. It’s open season. Following your logic, I can only assume that “non-Republicans” are in favor of drugs and slaves being brought across the border in droves. Silly isn’t it?

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