Excuse Me??

That whole “alternate universe” thing just keeps getting more bizarre.

Sandy Rios, formerly of Concerned Women for America, is now the host of a radio talk show for the American Family Association. Both organizations have a decidedly different slant on reality, but as Ed Brayton notes in a recent post from “Dispatches from the Culture Wars,”  Ms. Rios seems to have forgotten about two entire wars that George W. Bush launched:

“The problem with Islam, and we know this Bill, I would like to say, in fact I was going to write this article and I’ll just spill the beans on the air and that is they keep talking about what George Bush left this president and they’re talking about the horrible economy and what a mess he left and they haven’t been able to even turn it around in four years because it’s horrendous. But I’ll tell you what else he left them; he left them peace, he left them peace for ten years. And now that’s going ragged because we have been operating under Obama’s policies for the last four years and we are reaping the bitter fruits of chaos not only in the Middle East but in the world at large because we have not been dealing with them with strength.”

Until I read this, my favorite “excuse me” moment–not that it was easy to choose just one–was the line from a Mourdock ad that says something to the effect that “Joe Donnelly has been in Washington for eight years, and during that time the deficit rose by trillions of dollars.” I’ve lived in Indianapolis for over fifty years, and during that time the murder rate has increased–that hardly means I’m responsible. There are, of course, plenty of other inane and stupid political spots running–this bit of idiocy had lots of competition.

I can’t decide whether the politicians and pundits saying these things are unbelievably ignorant–or whether they just think we are.

And if it’s the latter…..dear lord, what if they’re right?

I am really, really ready for this election to be over.


  1. Apparently you haven’t heard of that plank in the Texas GOP platform calling for the repeal of the distinction between causation and correlation. Closely related to the plank condeming teaching critical thinking skills, I think.

  2. Mourdock is a amateur compared to Josh Mandel. He is non-apologetic for spreading completely non-factual stories about his opponent. He seems to follow this old maxim, “The great masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one”.

    Obviously, they think the majority of the electorate is ignorant.

  3. My pin just arrived and I love it! It says, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” Find it at Amazon [dot] com. Never truer than in this wacky campaign.

  4. Mitt’s job creation plan, could involve radical changes to the commercial aircraft industry. Installing “roll-down” windows at every outboard seat. In case of Fire and the need for fresh air to the passengers.

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