Mourdock’s Akin Moment

Richard Mourdock has a problem. Unlike his ideological clone, Mike Pence, he has a tendency to tell the truth. About 45 minutes into the Senate debate, he was asked about his pro-life beliefs, and whether those beliefs included an exception for rape and/or incest.

In the course of the explanation Mourdock suggested that rape should not be an exception to a ban on abortion, since rape pregnancies are themselves the will of God.

“You know, this is that issue for that every candidates for federal, or even state office, faces. And I, too, certainly stand for life,” said Mourdock, after both Democrat Joe Donnelly and Libertarian Andrew Horning had identified as pro-life, though Donnelly also stated his support for an exception in cases of rape. “I know there are some who disagree, and I respect their point of view. But I believe that life begins at conception. The only exception I have, to have an abortion, is in that case of the life of the mother.”

Mourdock then seemed to choke back tears, and continued: “I’ve struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from god. And even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.(Emphasis added.)

Talking Points Memo, among others, has the video.

I hope some enterprising reporter–assuming we still have a few of those left–asks the Republican gubernatorial candidate whether he agrees. On the record.


  1. Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) talked about Mourdock’s dreadful statement tonight on “The War Room”. How could there be two Akins? Unbelievable! Who ARE these tacky people? Surely they won’t be elected…re-elected. Surely!

  2. How does that work in the courts of law? God told him to rape her and it must have been God’s words because it was the will of God that she got pregnant. Is God guilty too? Has Indiana gone Bat Shit crazy like the southeast states have become in recent years?

  3. I am voting against ALL politicians that feel the need to justify themselves and their policies by invoking God. I like our secular government and reject the zealots that seem determined to turn our government into a theocracy modeled on Iran.

  4. The old theological dilemma of Predistination…..since nothing ever happens that God didn’t intend, it’s improper (probably even sinful) for us to attempt to thwart it. So why spend money on political campaigns, regulate air pollution, do cancer research, or exercise regularly?

    God (peering back from the shaving mirror) whispered to me this morning that She didn’t intend that Mourdoch be Indiana’s next U.S. Senator. ‘Nuff said.

  5. Yes, I read this morning and I am glad I voted against the guy…I knew Mourdock was bad medicine when he called the EPA a “bloated” federal agency. I fact checked that remark and found that the EPA’s budget has actually been shrinking, not bloating…Republicans are turning more primal as the years go by, probably because their finally realizing their ideologies are failed experiments and they cannot accept this truth, so turn to shock value. The truth hurts I suppose, especially for sociopaths..

  6. “Is there none amongst you that will rid us of this troublesome Politian? (By modern means etc, voting for the opposition)

  7. The Word according to Mourdock: God sent a rapist to where He had a victim waiting to create a new life. Did I get it right, Mourdock?

    So why do we have laws against rape? Do you consider these laws against the word of God? Please tell me what book of the Bible covers this subject according to your plan?

  8. Perhaps at long last a lot of people will now realize that a Sen. Mourdock is a very bad idea. Yes, some intrepid reporter does need to get an answer from Pence about this.

  9. Now that Mourdock has invoked God politically in child making decisions, maybe we can finally get to the heart of the discussion and get God involved in the unwanted child’s life because the rapist certainly won’t be. Home economics is clearly a Republican strong point.

    Now that God has forced a woman to term, with all the emotional damage that will do, HE must at least supply the economic support to raise the unwanted child.

    Among the issues God should tell Mourdock to vote for is foster home care support because no woman should be forced to raise a child of rape or incest unless she truly wants to or God insists.

    Carrying an unwanted child will have certain other costs, lost wages, Doctor bills, Hospital bills, medicine, divorce, etc.

    God surely understands the tax code and the administrative nightmare with this so my guess is HE comes out for a single payer system or a Medicare program for all victims of rape that are forced to carry to term.

    As far as the mental destruction caused by carrying a child of rape, that cost should be allocated to the Republican Party even though no cost will be enough to pay for the damage done.

    So as not to create a budget deficit, Republicans can fund these expenses by passing legislation requiring the rapist to pay a hefty rate for castration.

    This works out well for Senator Mourdock who because of his deep and abiding faith, has solved a great and pressing issue—that is until the unloved baby (except for God and Senator Mourdock and what more does he need?) grows up to become a burden to society.

    But when that happens, we have the law and execution to solve it. Have faith, God truly works in mysterious ways.

  10. Agreed, Nick. Any politician/candidate that bases their policies on their God has no credibility with me, as I know they will not represent me.

  11. Yes, I’m back! After yesterday (Wednesday, 10/24/12) I feel I have no choice but to speak out again. Who in the GOP called out the poorest examples of representation for their party by having Palin try to speak “colored” and The Donald to offer $5 million to see President Obama’s grades? Then we saw Ryan again washing those clean pans and stating he now understands poverty, Romney backing Indiana’s own Mourdock’s idiotic (but misunderstood) comment and I am giving thanks for being deaf and unable to hear this stupidity. Add this to the primary Republican campaign platform of proselytization, scare tactics and just plain stupid comments ranging from a woman’s body protects her from pregnancy during rape to rape resulting in pregnancy is a gift from God to trying to ban abortions because they cause breast cancer to heterosexuals cannot spread AIDS among themselves and I can only question WHERE THE HELL ARE THINKING, INTELLIGENT REPUBLICANS? I am fed up with having the religious beliefs of others forced on me and claiming they are valid political positions. We are becoming a nation of fools; many following the Judas goat to their own destruction and destruction of the very basis of this country. God has no part in this; He gave us free will, taking control out of His hands. Is He laughing or crying at this point?

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