Those Whom the Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad….

The quote “Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad” is often attributed to Euripedes. He was wrong–or at least incomplete. The quote should read “those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad by giving them electronics…”

I came home yesterday to a husband fuming–while holding a phone he’d been on for three hours with tech support. It was another hour until internet was once again available, and we still aren’t sure how or why.

Meanwhile, I traced a highly annoying “beep beep” sound to a smoke detector on the (vaulted) ceiling in our bedroom. Making the beeping stop required a climb to the very top (not just the top rung) of a ladder, clutching the top of a door for support. And–speaking of the gods–some prayer.

There will be no “deep thoughts” (or shallow ones) from this blogger today. I have to study the two thick manuals that came with my new car, which is now paired with my IPhone and daring me to figure out its multiple functions and displays…

Maybe I’ll just go back to bed.


  1. We had a house once where there were 3 or 4 smoke detectors in close proximity. When a battery would run low, there would be a short couple of beeps every minute or two. Figuring out which one was beeping could be maddening.

  2. I too was recently engaged in a Holy war with Brighthouse Cable TV/Phone/Internet. Many things are now much too complex. To block a call with “Old” phone service, you keyed in a * code and the persons phone number. Done. No more calls from that person. With Brighthouse, you have to go through dozens of goofy things on the inter-web. And they will NOT do it for you. They insist it is easy, but THEY will not do it. After 5 days of fighting with Brighthouse I gave up. I just unplugged the answering machne and take the phone off the hook a lot. Low tech but it is working.
    One thing I remember from Engineering school was the thought that if a device required a manual, the human interface was poor. Simple is better. My old cars have heater controls with dials that say Heat – Cool, Fans control says: Low/Med/High. I do NOT need a manual for that. If a car has a computer screen, I will not be test driving it.

  3. My Intenet shut down while I was trying to access a health agency for info. Followed all instructions to shut down, ran a scan to check, it suggested System Restore which I did but still nothing. Tried AOL 2-3 times, nothing, tried Skype, nothing, tried my laptop and more nothing. Being deaf (and my phone is part of my Bright House bundle so could’t use it if I could hear) I had to drive a few blocks to my computer wizard friend’s home to learn he also had – NOTHING – and had been on the phone numberous times. One would think, with all of the electronics someone would come up with a message reading, “Sit back and relax, it ain’t your problem, we will get it done when we get it done.”

  4. I understand Genesis originally said the heavens and the earth were created in just one day…..but Adam spent the next six on hold trying to reach the Apple help desk. He finally took a bite in frustration and look where we all are now!

  5. Ah, the consumer electronics business. Very similar to politics,
    the salesman/candidate stands before you and promises everything under the sun (and then some). However, what’s promised usually never materializes. The great secret, is to use technology in its simplest form everywhere possible.

    I got rid of everything except the Internet.
    I use my Mobile Phone all the time (No landline house phone
    anymore). Do I have Cable TV – No. I have local channels through my roof antenna, a Netflix and Hulu-Plus subscription which directly streams to the TV or Blue-Ray Player from the internet.

    Yes the internet goes down now and then (Maintenance etc)
    but it is very infrequent.

  6. And (I almost forget) when the internet goes down, I still have my Iphone to surf via my AT&T data plan. It’s nice to have it all covered.

  7. I am technically challenged…computers, fax machines, copiers, my own Droid that I have had for 3 years still surprises me. I can barely figure out how to use the 3 remotes to operate the TV. When my husband and I were dating he asked if it annoyed me that all my clocks (microwave, VCR, etc…) blinked w/ no actual correct time on it. I proudly answered ‘no’, never paid any attention…hmmm that maybe my issue. 😉

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