What She Said

Gail Collins nails it. As usual.

Just read her column this morning.


  1. Finally we are getting at the truth about the true level of CRAZY in the Republican/tea party candidates on the Abortion issue. Last night on the Ed show, a big league Republican did the same thing on the Race issue:


    Former Chief of Staff for Colin Powell, Gen Lawrence Wilkerson, tells the truth on the Ed Show.

    “Let me just be candid. My parts is full of racists”

    Nice to see a big league Republican fight back against the obvious

    WHEN could we expect Sen Lugar tell the truth that? Still waiting.

    Are we REALLY going to send a Tea Party Crazy to Washington for 6 LONG years?

  2. We have seen from Romney spokespersons that he does not agree with Mourdock’s comments. We have not yet heard directly from Romney. But I am waiting and waiting to hear SOMETHING from Senator Lugar regarding this degrading and insulting outburst from Mourdock, a poor replacement for a man who devoted 36 years of his life to his state and his country. Senator Lugar has done much to make Republicans and the state of Indiana proud of him but Repubicans turned their backs on him in the primary. He owes them no support but his silence is loudly proclaiming his support for those who showed no loyalty to this fine statesman.

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