Two Governors and an Election

Okay–no big post today. Today is fingernail-biting/pundit-watching/whatever-happens-it’s- finally-over day. There will be time to chew over the results later.

A friend sent me an email with a small medallion attached; it said “Stay calm and trust Nate Silver.” Good advice–if not for the nagging concerns raised by the widespread efforts at voter suppression and intimidation. I can’t help contrasting two governors: Andrew Cuomo in New York, and Rick Scott in Florida. In the wake of storm Sandy, Cuomo has issued an executive order allowing New Yorkers to vote at any polling place. They just need to submit an affidavit that they are registered, and that the storm damaged their usual voting site. In contrast, Florida Governor Rick Scott has “purged” voter rolls of thousands of properly registered citizens, mostly minorities, and closed down early voting sites.

I hope the response to Scott and the others, like Ohio Secretary of State Husted, is a greater determination to exercise the franchise they are trying so hard to deny to the “wrong kind” of voters.

We’ll know later tonight.


  1. This is not about governors, not even here in Indiana. I passed furious an hour ago – THERE IS NO CLOSED CAPTIONING WHATSOEVER ON MSNBC, NOT EVEN ADS. I have sent E-mails to the few MSNBC addresses I have and directly to MSNBC and NBC news directly. To report it to FCC I would have to tape the programming, file a complaint directly with MSNBC, wait for their response before contacting FCC. Results would not reach me till long after the presidential inauguration in 2013. Actually I am beyond furious; I am totally pissed and know of no way to resolve this problem – today of all days. Arrrrrrrrrgh!

  2. After residing here (in the US) for 32 (long) years and partially residing in the UK the previous 10 years (working off shore etc). I cannot remember how the political election process (there) flowed, fair or foul etc.
    In recent years, we have seen US foreign policy (directed at 3rd world nations in turmoil) demand fairness at the polls, even to the point of offering adjudicators to monitor the election process to ensure fair play.

    Yet …

    We cannot hold an election within the borders of the United States without excessive cheating in some way, shape or form etc. Apparently it’s always been this way, watching (last week) “Big Sky, Big Money” on PBS. A local “Big Wig” bought everybody off in his bid to get elected to public office at national level. The only way to public office is by spending obscene amounts of money and lying about the opposition.

    My only hope today is; that the democrats can out cheat, out maneuver (or whatever it takes to win this election) the republicans. After 8 years of “W”, I don’t think we need another radical swing to the extreme right.

    For you old trekkies, as “Spock” once said “Only Nixon could go to China” (Not Jeeps).

  3. Mrs. Kennedy, I reget inform you and all sane hoosiers that Pence won. Why is Indiana so backwards? Sigh….At least Donnely beat Mourdock!

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