Words are Inadequate

We still have no answer to the questions who and why…..no way of getting our heads around the fact that some (presumably) human being or beings planned and executed a devastating, vicious attack on people they didn’t know, people who had come to Boston simply to run a marathon.

This is the horror of terrorism: it’s random. It reminds us all that life is tenuous, and that any belief that we are in control our destinies is illusory. ┬áIt reminds us–as if we had any doubt after Sandy Hook and Gabrielle Giffords and 9-11– that there are sick people in this world, people whose rage or pain or zealotry trumps their humanity.

There really aren’t any words for what most of us are feeling right now.


  1. Words are inadequate, safety precautions are inadequate, laws are inadequate; but the human spirit is strong. We will prevail and go on to mourn the losses of bombing the Boston Marathon yesterday but will it turn into another political battle like Newtown? Oh yes; the lesser humane of our elected officials will see that it does. We, the thinking and feeling members of humanity will continue to mourn and remember this day while looking ahead thinking, “Will it happen here at our Mini-Marathon?” No guarantees that it cannot or will not.

  2. While I agree with what Sheila said, It seems that our drone bombs put us in the same category.

  3. My husband ran the Indy Marathon last October and seriously considered running the Boston Marathon yesterday. He was offered a job transfer and now we live 1 mile from the site where Gabby Giffords was shot and I avoid that strip mall whenever possible. It gives me the heebby geebies to go there.

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