The Quotes Tell the Story

Charles Blow has a must-read column in the New York Times, in which he foregoes characterizing for quoting. That is, rather than attributing attitudes to political figures like Romney, Gingrich, Ryan, et al, he simply quotes them.

It’s devastating.


  1. This ridiculous argument regarding IQ levels brings up the age-old question of heridity vs. environment and applies to all nationalities and races.

  2. I looked. Mr. Richwine, Ph.d got his degree in Public Policy at Harvard’s prestigious Kennedy School of Government. Hmm. Lots of senior people in government come from that direction as well. Hmm.

  3. Meh. You could change all of the Rs to Ds and have the same filler. There are very few who are worthwhile in D.C.

  4. “Theirs is a bone-deep contempt for otherness,” says Mr Blow.
    I think that is the absolute best description of Tea Party Republicans that I have ever read. Bulls Eye. That is what makes them get up in the morning and get about their hateful chores. Thank you Mr Blow. Thank you Prof K for sharing this with us. And thank you for your NPR appearance on Thursday. GREAT to hear you on the radio !!

  5. I read much of Richwine’s dissertation the other day. (Maybe I should get a life.) It was remarkable for the level of ignorance about measurement, the nature of intelligence, the derivation and meaning of the intelligence quotient, and the meaning and use of data. He casually mentioned the criticism of the American Psychological Association regarding “The Bell Curve”, but either chose to ignore the critical insights of the APA or simply didn’t read the document. A number of the usual “true believers” signed on to this piece of trash which was an irresponsible example racism trying to look high-minded. An embarrassment for Harvard.

  6. It’s a standard Marxist ploy to complain that non-Marxists are not inclusive, xenophobic,or uncaring. Whatever it takes to denigrate people personally, so as to expand government power and scope as far as possible.

    There’s no innate difference in IQ that is tied to skin color.

    Blow’s article is but an ad hominem attack on Richwine.

  7. By the way, 98% of the leadership of state universities is white. Just about everyone who runs the School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI is white. They call themselves “liberal”, but in fact they are the new plantation owners, raking in big bucks while IPS graduates suffer from not having an affordable, convenient, local university option.

  8. Charles Blow inferred some of Richwine’s motives, but Richwine’s dissertation still has all the flaws (and more) that I just mentioned. I don’t understand how Blow’s analysis is solely an ad hominem attack on Richwine.

  9. Eugene; I loved your term “the new plantationn owners”. Having been married to black men I notice the over-abundance of whites in most businesses. Am now noticing the lack of Hispanics along with the lack of Blacks in the work force at all levels.

    I have to say I find the derrogitory remarks about Charles Ramsey, the hero in Cleveland, to be extremely upsetting. Not only his race but ” his class”. He didn’t hesitate running into a situation to save a young white girl from what he thought was a domestic situation – he didn’t seem concerned with her skin color or her IQ. In my mind; this makes him not only a hero but smarter than a vast number of people I know of all colors and “class levels”. His own domestic violent past has been publicized and his ex-wife immediately spoke out in his favor; this action took guts and a high level of intelligence to recognize what was important in this terrible situation.

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