The Rest of the Story

We are home after what was mostly a great vacation. The hospital in Nottingham released Bob in time for us to make our original flights, and the medication they gave him seems to be working, so all good news. Many thanks to those of you who expressed concern.

Still a bit jet-lagged, but by tomorrow our regular routine–and regular blogging–will recommence.


  1. WELCOME HOME! And I know you must be glad to be back and sleeping in your own bed. Glad you were with your daughter and her partner to support you and Bob through his health crisis. Take care of yourselves, rest up, then get back to blogging – we will all be here waiting for you:)

  2. Welcome home. I’m glad that Bob is on the mend and that your trip was “mostly a great vacation.” Cal Thomas says in the Star today that the British healthcare system is a disaster. However, it doesn’t sound like that was your experience–which is a very good thing.

  3. Welcome home! So relieved to hear Bob is doing good with the medicine! Cheers.

  4. JoAnn said it so very well. So glad you’re back home safe and sound and that Bob improved enough to travel sooner than later. While I’ll miss your blogging for a day or two, please sleep in, rest up, and THEN think about writing.

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