Thou Shalt Not….

Remember that old bumper sticker that said something along the lines of “When they threw God out of the classroom, guns came in”?

Florida media report that police have broken up a stolen gun sales ring. it was operating out of Martin County, Florida’s Community Christian School.

 “Investigators went to the school and following several interviews, determined that one student had burglarized a home on six different occasions and stole five weapons from a safe.”

Money quote: The school is “praying for families who have been affected by this.”

I guess we should all be grateful the students involved weren’t left to the corrupting secular values of a public school classroom.

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  1. Amen Sister 🙂
    Fundamentalists seem to be the main problem today. Be they on the left or the right though they seem mostly on the right. I was exposed to a couple of fundamentalists at a Catholic Church on Monday night. I felt like I needed to take a bath afterwards. Yuck.

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