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As you can see, my website/blog has been updated. (I would say I’d updated it, but that would be inaccurate–my tech whiz son, who does this for a living, did the work.)

This may be a good time to explain my approach to this whole blogging thing.

You may have noticed that I rarely weigh in to the sometimes lively conversations taking place in the comments section. There are several reasons for that: unless the discussion turns on a totally erroneous read–a clue that I’ve not been as clear as I’d hoped–my preference is to allow commenters to “talk amongst yourselves.” Plus, I have a day job that doesn’t leave me a lot of time to engage in lengthy discussions.

I am grateful to commenters who point out factual errors, or provide missing context to a discussion. And I try to resist the temptation to block the folks who are unpleasant when they disagree with me. (I do wonder about people who consistently visit and comment on a blog written by someone with which they vehemently disagree–do they think angry ripostes will change my political perspective? But hey–whatever floats your boat!)

The one rule, which I fortunately have had to invoke very few times, is no name-calling. Arguments and disagreements are fine, even when somewhat less than polite, but when people post invective, especially invective aimed at other commenters, I will block those posts.

I have really enjoyed the back-and-forth, the illuminating information, and the thoughtfulness that most of my commenters display. I’m delighted when my often snarky observations can spark a real conversation. I hope you all like the new format–and I especially hope you will all continue to visit.

Now, back to our program…..


  1. Sheila; please, never change. It is your straight forward, outspoken, telling it as you see it attitude I voted for back in the ’80’s. I also wonder why some readers continue reading and commenting unless they just have an argumentive mind-set and are, of course, staunch Republicans. Hope that last comment cannot be considered name-calling:) Hang in, hang on and continue writing – I will continue reading and commenting and struggle to keep frustrations to myself.

  2. Nice! I like it, I haven’t seen it on a desktop yet, but the mobile view is spectacular! Kudos.

  3. Thanks for all your good works Prof K.
    On behalf of the fact based community…I wish you a long run!!
    Be well

  4. I like the new design too but prefer your old picture where you’re looking right at us.
    Looking directly at your readers symbolizes your direct approach, which all of us love about

  5. Neat layout, I certainly hope you weren’t referring to me….? I disagree just as vehemently as I do regularly, but for many people THAT is exactly WHY they visit blogs such as this, to get the other side of the argument. Yes, I repeatedly “poke the bear” as it were, but I do apologize if you’ve internalized any of my challenges.

    I struggle to understand the mindset that seems to be so pervasive among the politically active that we have a one-sided, partisan problem in this country. Nevertheless, I’ve learned a fair amount by reading so thank you for posting such as you do…

  6. I use Firefox and the text is really large but considering my eye sight, that’s not such a bad thing. Change is good.

  7. ‘Way off down in Dixie, in Nashville, TN, country folks would likely say, “Hit don’t git no better’n this rat chere!” And they’d be right as rain! Thanks, Sheila, for this little daily party!

  8. Very nice…… if you just had a little decorative Kudzu border……….

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