Dear Lord, Where Do They Find These People?

According to Rep. Tom McClintock, there simply is no such thing as white-collar crime.

At a town hall meeting in El Dorado Hills, California on Tuesday, a constituent asked McClintock for his “stance on Wall Street criminal practices.” The congressman responded, “Well first of all, for a criminal practice there has to be a gun. It’s pretty simple.”

I think we know what’s simple, and it isn’t the Congressman’s intriguing theory of what it takes to constitute criminal behavior.

Every day, it seems we meet a new officeholding whack-a-doodle.

This week it was Lee Bright calling Lindsey Graham a “community organizer for the Muslims.” Last week, Steve King explained that for every young immigrant who was a valedictorian, there were a hundred others with “calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.” Before him, Paul Broun insisted that evolution and climate change were “lies from the mouth of hell.” Rand Paul insists that  black people have no trouble voting–and that despite his opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Act and any and all measures to lift people from poverty, he’s all for equality. And of course, almost every week there’s some new insanity from Louie Gohmert, who Charles Pierce memorably called “perhaps the dumbest mammal to enter a legislative chamber since Caligula’s horse.”

There’s a new one just about every day. Michelle Bachmann hasn’t even taken her crazy eyes into retirement yet, and literally dozens of her fellow Republican Congresscritters are contending for her title of  “least securely tethered to reality.”

It would be funny if it weren’t so terrifying.


  1. I have to revert to my old – and true – belief that the 2nd Amendment right to free speech was lax in not including that speech be the truth. It has left us open to the fools Sheila lists above and dozens of others who can only be trusted to lie about anything and everything. They must have a pact to out-lie and invent the greatest imbellishments to distort the grain of truth in every subject they force on the public. They are a frightening pack of hyenias; snarling and attacking truth, civil and human rights from all sides. I don’t believe we have a legal way to rid ourselves of them and, unlike the evil witch in Wizard of Oz, we cannot throw water on them and watch them melt into the ground. Probably not a good idea anyway as they would pollute the groundwater we need to survive.

  2. To steal a line from a TV sitcom, “King of Queens”; father Arthur made one of his patented stupid remarks. Daugher Carrie asked, “Dad, if you keep saying things like that, how will we know when you are getting senile?” So; what are the chances that some of these inane utterances are not the product of senility or Alzheimer’s? Which raises another question; when did President Reagan first display signs of his Alzheimer’s? Also when was it diagnosed and how long was it covered up? Reagan was the most powerful leader in the world; these fools are an entire collection of lower-level politicians of the same party (at least bearing the same name) but the damage they are doing to their own party and this entire country is much greater. There is no treatment for stupidity or legal recourse to protect us from their antics; what can be done…or is it too late to do anything

  3. For entertainment, I looked up Lee Bright to see if his personality had any more interesting facets. Among other interesting features, he apparently also supports secession, which leads me to this question: Don’t state senators take an oath to support the Constitution? When a senator makes an effort to pass a law that is clearly unconstitutional, isn’t that person violating the Federal law as well as his/her oath to support the Constitution? Hasn’t the Supreme Court weighed in on that issue? While our own legislators haven’t supported secession, exactly, haven’t they written proposed legislation (pushed in a hole someplace and sidetracked so far) which is also overtly unconstitutional? Aren’t they wasting our money and putting us at risk for a court action?

  4. Chicks on the Right are looking for attention–they’re Ann Coulter clones (albeit without the Adams apple.) The best thing that reasonable people can do when confronted with purposely bitchy people is ignore them.

    If they were expressing some sort of coherent point of view, or proposing policies, there would be something to argue about, but they are simply vapid– not worth the keystrokes.

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