Telling It Like It Is

John Green explains American healthcare .

The most mind-blowing statistic is one I didn’t previously know: The American government already spends more on healthcare per capita than the U.K., Australia and other countries with “free” systems. Think about that.

Then watch this!!


  1. I don’t mean to be a “Smart Axx”, but being from across the pond
    I was already aware of most of what was said.

    Since Walmart uses such draconian buying techniques from all
    manufacturers they represent, perhaps they should get into
    the health insurance market.

    I can see it now …

    The Walmart “I-Knee-6” designed in California and assembled
    in China, 90 day money back guarantee.

  2. That was brilliant. John really laid it out in a comical way so that one can understand it. I think this should be shown over and over until everyone GETS IT.

  3. So, I see said the “blind” man. And my OCD psych says “Fix it….NOW”! But reality is “I can’t”. Solo…who can, and how?

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