Ignorant? Or Venal?

Question of the day: are the Tea Party zealots venal? Or are they simply ignorant?

As the nation struggles to emerge from the latest unforced error by the Keystone Kop wannabes we inexplicably elected, I have one small request: let’s retire the loudmouths demanding ever more cuts to programs that don’t personally benefit them.

And yes, Marlin Stutzman, I’m looking at you.

Stutzman wants to cut food stamps that benefit poor children, but not the 200,000+ he gets each year in farm subsidies.

I guess we can categorize Stutzman as “venal”–or at least selfish and hypocritical. But what can we say about Idaho Tea Partier Tedd Collett, who ran for office demanding that government discontinue any and all involvement with medical care–and whose ten children are on Medicaid?

Shades of the idiot who attended a Town Hall a couple of years ago with the now-famous sign demanding that government “keep its hands off my Medicare!”

Okay, I suppose the two categories aren’t mutually exclusive.


  1. I pulled out my Webster’s Dictionary to double-check my understanding of both words. Tea Party zealots are venal; they not only can be bought but are buying venal GOP members. They are NOT ignorant; they have all necessary information and/or education to reach logical, truthful decisions but choose not to. I also looked up the word “stupid”; this is the category they best fit in – “given to unintelligent decisons or acts.” With all of their money they haven’t yet bought a believable member of the GOP which has become a Judas goat leading staunch Republican voters to the slaughter. The upcoming elections should tell us who has been listening to and understanding both parties these past months.

    Collett is obviously also against birth control; wonder if Mrs. Collett shares his opinon?

  2. They are what they are. And they did not hide that they were goofy before millions of Americans voted them into office. NOW….Will millions of Americans vote them OUT? 2014 will tell us a great deal about our country and its prospects.

  3. The best argument for moderates and progressives is those little details that call into question the validity of the Tea Party argument. Like the Tea Party chief in Oregon who hasn’t paid on his mortgage for three years. Hypocrisy does them in every time.

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