Todd Rokita–Embarrassing Sentient Hoosiers Even More Than Mike Pence

Well, I see that Governor Pence just couldn’t help himself–despite the fact that he didn’t have to step into the controversy over the shutdown, despite the fact that anything he said about it was guaranteed to piss off one side or the other, he simply had to express his approval of an irresponsible and a-constitutional action that is damaging the American economy and hurting millions of innocent people.

Way to go, Mike.

For first class stupidity, though, you really have to turn to Representative Todd Rokita. And leave it to the Daily Show to expose how utterly clueless and embarrassing  Tea Party Todd can be.


  1. Ah, the former is a half wit and the latter a complete “Village Idiot” ?

    ( in the computer world, this would be an “ID 10 T” networking problem)

  2. And the very idea of sitting down with these people or writing something that they would think through is ludicrous. I think it’s safe to say that they are much more invested in ideological causes than they are the common good. (“400,000 people without health insurance? I’m a Christian first, so I’ll let them die.” So that’s reasoning?) The only way out is to vote them out, but I have my doubts about that probability because the ones who voted for them are of the same mindset.

  3. Closing the nation’s government, much of our national security, and forcing those who depend on the federal government for their salaries and/or for services are prices to high to pay for disagreement over a single issue. It’s a gigantic temper tantrum by adults acting like children when they didn’t get their candy. Some of the ‘children’ in Washington are gleeful over it, though now that they’ve seen polls, they are trying to keep their glee from camera view.

    I’m also not able to understand how legislators who describe themselves as pro-life and supportive of taking responsibility for oneself can oppose Obamacare which provides life-saving health coverage to 30 million more children and adults and requires those who can to pay for it themselves or be fined. Obamacare does need some changes, but no responsible alternatives are coming from opponents. As one satirist opined, cancer patients should just delay their cancer for a year. That seems to be the ‘solution’ from opponents who have little appreciation for the consequences they are causing others.

    Whatever else the opposition to Obamacare is, it’s not pro-life, does not take responsibility for a BETTER alternative, and now they don’t want to take responsibility for their gleeful closing of the nation’s government either.

  4. It was Alan Grayson (D-FL) that said the Republican plan for health care is “DIE QUICKLY.”

    For decades now, our healthcare system has been the conservative’s way! Look what it got us: death panels (insurance canceling or denying claims), no coverage for pre-existing conditions, no coverage unless you’re employed, etc!

    We had a ‘free market’ deciding how much our health care system costs were and you know what? We’re not going to take it anymore!

    Their plan failed Miserably!
    And many many people died because they were bankrupted or just didn’t get to a doctor because of the costs.

    The ACA stops this nonsense once and for all and it’s about bloody time. I have a pre-existing condition and health insurance for me was outrageously expensive. Not to mention, all my life I’ve had to pay higher premiums because I was of child-bearing age even though I never had children (couldn’t).

    No matter your station in life, you can now get some health care insurance and denying us, or cancelling us or bankrupting us is against the law. It’s about time.

    *steps off soap box*

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