A Revised Christmas

For those of you who celebrate a Christian Christmas (as opposed to us pagans who simply enjoy an excuse to celebrate with lots of food, family and presents), here’s some food for thought, courtesy of those who know what the bible was really MEANT to say, before the liberals mis-translated it.

Take that, you commie Jesus!


  1. Sigh. This is the consequence of religious folks getting cozy with right wing politics. The camel gets its nose in the tent and eventually the whole animal takes over. I suspect that a lot of sensible Christian folk will be justifiably horrified by this, which in the long run could help re-establish some important boundaries and bring some sensibility to the scene, clearly identifying the kooks.

    At the other end of this spectrum is a massive project, the Biblia Hebraica Quinta, in which the finest Jewish, Protestant and Catholic scholars are working together to produce the best translation of the Hebrew Bible to date, using the best and oldest sources. This promises to be a significant work, in which translation and copyist errors from the Masoretic text (about 1000 A.D.) will be noted. (The Masoretic text–from which current translations are taken–also had such notes.) As with the Masoretic text, I understand that they will use the Lenningrad Codex as their primary source. I don’t think Andy Schlafly’s group ranked very high in the list of scholars for this group. From the ridiculous to the sublime.

  2. Miscommunication: The Biblia Hebraica Quinta is not a translation, but a Hebrew text. The translators take over from there. In any case, looking over some of the comments on the Andy Schlafly endeavor, nothing but bad things from good people, some calling it “silly”, and that’s being charitable.

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