1. This expresses in detail not only the views of young people; it also expresses the views of many senior citizens who remember “back in the day” when we had more trust in elected officials. Trust that was usually justified. Both segments of society are looking for quality; politicians are looking for quantity…and of course MONEY. What is the percentage of voters in both age brackets? I have become so fed up with all of them in office, with their back-biting, back-stabbing, finger-pointing tactics and the Talking Heads spouting personal views and few facts that I rarely bother watching MSNBC or local political news. The political situation in Indianapolis and Indiana does not lend itself to trust or believing “our lying eyes” regarding their antics. And they are antics, not action. I fully understand the views of young people regarding our so-called “leaders” but will continue to vote, hope and pray that better days are a-comin’.

  2. The truth of the matter is that we simply put minimal emphasis on it throughout the enter educational process. High school seniors in Luxembourg know more about the U.S. political system than do U.S high school seniors. I say thank god for Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford because his shenanigans has prompted the most attention the U.S. press has ever paid to Canadian politics. We not only do not educate our children to our own system we do an even worse job of educating them to the world political system.

    People like us look at this as our lifeblood and take our involvement in the process very seriously and because of that I think it is easy for us to assume too much. That is to say we all to easily think that a person states a position after some level of pragmatic research and are loath to think that a decision would be made on a 30-second soundbite, but that is indeed most times the case.

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