Timely Reminder

I see where some of our none-too-subtle citizens have created a “Lynch Obama” website. Remind me again how criticism of this President is all about public policy…

As appalling as this most recent evidence of racial animus is, we would do well to consider an important point made by Martin Longmont at Political Animal last week– a reminder that sometimes escapes those of us disheartened by the outsize role overt racism plays in criticism of this President.

After reminding readers of the more outrageous accusations thrown at Bill Clinton, he writes

First, the country could elect Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia president and the Republicans would treat the Democrats’ most conservative senator as though he were advocating a communist revolution. This seems to be an essential tool in the GOP’s political tool-kit and it will be used completely irrespectively of how the Democrat actually behaves.

Second, that people blame the president when there is gridlock much more than they blame the people who won’t compromise. This is because most people do not properly understand the limitations on the office of the president’s power. And, so, you will get even somewhat savvy political commentators saying stupid things like the president could get more cooperation if he just invited more of his opponents over for dinner.

Truer words were never written.

As he acknowledges, the election of Obama unleashed a disheartening amount of racism. But the precise amount has to be calculated by subtracting out the usual lunacy and seeing how much unhinged animus remains.


  1. I criticize this President and his predecessor for carrying on unconstitutional searches of things like Americans’ phone records. People are still being held without criminal charges in the facility at Guantanamo Bay. A botched web site rollout. Those are presidential/administrative decisions or actions.

    Budgets, immigration reform, tax policy, etc. are Congressional decisions. No President can be blamed for the dysfunction we see in the current Congress on a daily basis.

  2. I have said before and will say again; the current situation in Washington, D.C., and in this entire nation have shown how little power the President of the United States actually wields. They have laws, rules, ordinances and limitations controling their actions and their powers. Both Bushs abused the power they did have and look where we are today. Am I satisfied with President Obama’s total performance – NO – but I continue supporting him due to his bipartisan hopes for this country. Any thinking American, unless they have amnesia about our past administrations, knows that both parties need to be willing to work toward a reasonable solution. This takes COMPROMISE ON BOTH SIDES. The GOP used to do this before the pseudo religious and the Tea Party and their money got in the way of rational thinking. President Obama has been forced to deal with all problems facing every president before him plus the rampant and often covert and life threatening racism behind the obstructionist tactics of the GOP. Also; how many other presidents have had to deal with an earthquake followed by a hurricane in Washington, D.C.? Even the elements of Climate Change and Global Warming seem to be against him:)

  3. I saw that sick lynching photo and remembered that 9/11 changed everything for me. I had to take a more involved effort to learn about politics in this country.
    Voting for the President in 08 was the first time in decades for me to vote after watching President Nixon resign. I thought they were all CROOKS. So whenever politics came up, I checked out, changed the channel or shrugged my shoulders because I just didn’t care to engage.
    And President Obama told a different story about politics and I agreed with his positions and decided I better register to vote. The first four years were rough but I really did not hesitate to vote for him again.
    I used to work in IT so I knew that everything you did on the phone or on the internet etc was being monitored and captured so wasn’t surprised at all by the NSA ‘leaks’. I think the drone and Gitmo policies are the strongest points of view I have against this administration.
    But the last session and this one of Congress has me ‘shaking my head’ in disgust and shame that these American politicians can be just block heads. They are an embarrassment to this country.
    For my next Presidential choice, I pick Senator Sanders, Independent VT. That guy has been tireless in helping the 99% get the assistance they need and going after the Wall Street excesses that have taken this country/world to the brink and back. Senator Warren would be a second choice plus throwing out all of Congress and starting over with districts that weren’t gerrymandered. One can dream eh?
    Racism will end when those people die off. The younger generation will not tolerate bigotry as they grow older because they are children of different racial marriages, friends of the ‘gays’ and more educated than the current boomers that were raised racist. Education being the key.
    I wish I had a bumper sticker that said “liberals are not your enemy.”

  4. Obama should have known the day he won the election in 2008, the Republicans and the Extremists in their Party were not going to go lightly on him. He should have given the history of the Clinton Presidency known the Republicans were going to attack. Legitimate critiques of Obama’ Presidency have morphed into what I can only say is absolute hatred. The Birthers emerged along with the Tea Party to carry out the attacks to be followed by even more extreme elements.

    Obama had the potential to be one the most powerful Presidents since LBJ was in 1964. He had the chance to clean up the excesses of the Bush 2 and Wall Street. He had to the chance to be another FDR. Alas, from day one he went into a cocoon. The Drone attacks continue, the NSA Spying continued, GITMO continues and the message for Wall Street was too Big and Too Big to Jail. The Occupy Movement was train he could have climbed on board.b Young, middle age and older Americans had been energized by the Occupy Movement. Obama never showed up at the station.

    Obama-Care is a joke. It is micro-waved Hillary-Care and Romney-Care. Obama should have went for the Medicare for all route, including Healthcare, Vision Prescription Drugs, and Dental Care. Sure this would have been hard road, but he never allowed the Public Option into the debate.

    I did not expect much from Obama, like Clinton before him he was carefully vetted by the Plutocracy (1%). It was Clinton who gave us NAFTA, and dismantled the Regulations that offered at least some protection from Wall Street.

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