Words of Wisdom

I don’t know Phillip Gulley, although I wish I did. I became aware of him through his essays for  Indianapolis Monthly–essays I wish I’d written. They are gems–both in form and substance.

In the most recent Monthly (not yet online, so I can’t link) he wrote something that expresses my own frustrations so perfectly I just have to share/steal:

Winston Churchill once said, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing, after they’ve tried everything else.” We are in the trying-everything-else days. I have no doubt America will finally do the right thing, that the sun will shine once more, but I am weary. Weary of bumper-sticker answers to complex problems. Weary of lies shouted as facts. Weary of office holders who speak of freedom and opportunity but destroy the bridges that lead to both. Weary of arrogance masquerading as accomplishment. Weary of the scowling dismissal of science and reason, the raging hubris, the manipulation of democracy by the powerful. Weary of allegiance to a party and not a nation.

That says it all–and it speaks for so many of us who are less eloquent.

I just hope he’s right about the sun shining again…..


  1. Phillip Gulley came to ACLU of In.’s First Wednesday forum on HJR 3 recently. He wasn’t on the
    panel – just in the audience. I’m so glad Indiana has folks with the wisdom of Philip Gulley and Sheila Kennedy.

  2. Phil has been a close family friend for as long as I can remember. He and my father met registering for classes at Christian Theological Seminary over 25 years ago and have been great friends ever since. Phil married my wife and I. There are very few men I have known with the integrity and wisdom of Phil. He has an amazing gift for speaking truth gently, but forcefully.

  3. Mr. Gulley’s “Harmony” novels are charming and funny, with Pastor Sam Gardner having his patience tested by the more fractious members of his congregation.

  4. I adore Phillip Gulley! Smart and sensible and thoughtful and bold. I have only recently been introduced to your blog by a friend and am starting to feel the same way about you.

  5. Been following you for a couple weeks. Thanks for putting in words the ideas and concerns that fill my mind. I first encountered Phillip Gulley when I read the wonderful book “If Grace Is True: Why God Will Save All People,” which was co-authored by Zachary’s father, James Mulholland.

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