I Yield My Space

Paul Krugman’s column on The Dog Whistle deserves to be read by anyone and everyone who professes bafflement over today’s incoherent politics.

The only thing he omits is a discussion of the degree to which anti-Obama fervor is motivated by the color of this President’s skin. But then, that phenomenon is hard to miss for anyone who isn’t willfully ignoring it.

I can’t add anything to Krugman’s dead-on analysis. Go read it.


  1. What is amazing is that it took over five years for this factor to come out. McConnell voiced on the day after the ’08 elections but Obama was too naive to believe it. Just like Powell, he believes it now!

  2. What if Edward Banfield was onto something at Harvard when he published his controversial “The Unheavenly City”? Why is Banfield’s book still required reading in many university programs for ‘urban planning’ or ‘urban studies’?

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