I Know I’m a Broken Record…

It really, really gripes me that taxpayers are subsidizing Walmart’s bottom line. I’ve beaten that drum repeatedly, but when I saw this video, the message was presented in so clear and compelling a way, I just had to share.

In fairness, let me point out that this analysis applies equally to the many other greedy recipients of corporate welfare. (McDonalds, I’m looking at you!)

You either believe in markets or you don’t. Walmart and its ilk may beat the drum for capitalism, but they don’t want to abide by its terms, and compete fair and square in the market–without public subsidy.


  1. Thank you for the link. VERY interesting info. The addition sadness of the Walmart saga is that when they go into a town, they KILL existing firms. So now the people who used to work in local firms now end up working for 1/2 the wage at Walmart. What destruction that does to a town. There was a documentary done about Walmart in CA years ago. It was eye opening. They really destroy towns.

  2. How is this not fraud? To knowingly manipulate workers hours and wages in order to pocket federal funds?

  3. I agree with Nancy and Paul . . . and why is this apparently fraudulent farce allowed to continue? It has been going on for years.

  4. We have a portion of our population that actually believes there is a”Free Market.” The belief is that some how through a mathematical formula that has the certainty of an Einstein Calculation “The Market” places an honest and true value of the costs of goods, services and wages. They believe the “Free Market” it is like a natural chemical formula where a certain combination of atoms produces water or salt. This belief in Free Market Capitalism is taught and ingrained into our education system.

    A Free Market – Nothing could be further from the truth. The Market is manipulated by humans second by second. Selling short or long is a part of the system, and bear no resemblance to reality (if there is such a thing). Politics plays it’s part by admitting Lobbyists and Campaign Contributions into it and allowing them to influence the “System.” We learned a new term Toxic Assets. Assets that were sold as near good as gold, only to discover it was fools gold.

    Years ago Cable Franchises were allowed to carve out service territories, similar to Utility Monopolies. Except the Cable Providers do not seem to be governed at all with price controls like our Utilities are (although some would say Utility Regulators are rubber stamp).

  5. Louie, it’s like this. If I say “it’s a free market” 50 times, and you disagree once, I win because it was said more times. Democratic principles win. You know, like when Hobby Lobby says that the ACA is against religious freedom 100 times, and the knowledgeable people who disagree with them say it twice, Hobby Lobby wins. Generally, the same principle with other issues: WMDs exist 500 times vs. there are no WMDs 5 times. Also, when it’s said louder, that counts for more points.

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