What’s the Threshold for Embarrassing?

When Todd Rokita was Secretary of State, he was the person primarily responsible for Indiana’s effort to disenfranchise poor and minority voters by requiring photo IDs.

He piously assured Hoosiers that this effort was prompted by his concerns over rampant “vote fraud.”

Of course, research has conclusively shown that instances of in-person vote fraud are virtually non-existent; they constitute an infinitesimal percentage of votes cast, and most of those cases occur as part of absentee voting, not in-person casting of a ballot.

Now that he is a U.S. Representative,  Rokita has emerged as a climate-change denier. (Why am I not surprised? Clearly, facts and empirical evidence are irrelevant to  him.)

So–Rokita sees things that aren’t there (vote fraud) and doesn’t see things that are there (climate change). I think it’s time for an intervention–starting with a removal from public office, where delusional people can do real damage.

The Hoosier state has far too many embarrassments posing as elected officials. We really need to thin the herd.


  1. What surprises me most, is the willingness with which people accept this hypocrisy…. and not a word from our local news media. It’s sad.

  2. On the AFL-CIO legislative scorecard Rokita has the worst number of any Hoosier: 6% !

  3. The insanity of those like Rokita will most likely affect our progeny, not us. How many of our grandchildren will vote? Especially in primaries? Your sons and daughters are afraid to tell them to turn of phones at the dinner table. That is, if there is a dinner table. How can we expect so much more while demanding so much less?

  4. Little Girl your comment on Indiana: The Mississippi of the Midwest. When I was transferred by my employer in the Mid 70’s from the Chicago area where I grew up, my boss who was from NYC said “Welcome to Indiana the Alabama of the North.” A Co-Worker of mine, a born and bred Hoosier, and I discussed the tongue in cheek possibility that Indiana had been subjected to some type of Testing Project in the 50’s and 60’s. The project damaged the rational, cognitive human thought process.

  5. No question, Rokita is an embarrassment. What a dunce and a stooge. I can’t remember if it was Rokita or Messer, but one of these two “gems” has the belief that the second amendment is a “God-given” right…..I’d really like someone to explain that stretch of logic to me some day….talk about embarrassment threshold.

  6. The “Rokita rash” has spread! Mississippi and Alabama aren’t the only Southern states to participate in such an insult to voters. Tennessee, Georgia, and the Carolinas are infected as well. If “they” can make it hard enough to vote (documents, hours and locations of polls), and pass laws to enforce it, the country is in more trouble than we realize. Throw that into the mix of unlimited billionaire gifting and the present situation with the Supremes, and it becomes really tricky for average Americans like us.

  7. No question, Rokita is an embarrassment; however, let’s remember that Todd Rokita was born in Chicago in 1970 and raised in Lake County, IN, as a Region Rat whose father, a dentist, managed to earn enough money to send young Todd to Wabash College where I suspect Daddy thought young Todd might pick up some Ivy League quality cred. As I’ve long thought, you can take a boy out of the Region and away from the Roman Catholic Church, but you can’t take the Region and the Catholic Church outta the boy.

  8. Louis: And then they moved to AZ where I reside now. I can’t escape them!

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