Because If We Ignore It, It Won’t Happen

It’s magic.

Hear no science, see no science, acknowledge no science…

“The North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission has found a solution to the political impasse posed by the conflict between science, which predicts the acceleration of sea level rise as the glaciers of western Antarctica collapse into the Southern Ocean, and Republican, money-driven politics tied to coastal development. The Coastal Commission voted to ignore long-term sea level rise.

The Commission voted, with one lone dissent, to limit the period of consideration of sea level rise to 30 years. Keeping the period to 30 years allowed the Commission to avoid considering the consequences of the collapse of west Antarctic glaciers, the speed up of the melting of Greenland’s ice cap and the slowing of the Gulf Stream. This vote will end the conflict between the Republican dominated state legislature and the Commission that happened in 2010 when the Commission’s panel of experts predicted as much as 5 feet of sea level rise by 2100. The legislature rejected that report and prohibited state and local government offices from considering the possibility that sea level rise would accelerate.”

See–wasn’t that easy?

I know Pat Sajak would approve.


  1. Ostrich; head in the sand, ass in the air. What can the possible outcome be from deniers taking this position?

  2. What we have done in the past all along the Gulf Coast and up the Atlantic Coast is allowed construction in coastal areas. This construction in flood prone areas has also happened in America’s heartland. Many Standard Insurance Markets will not provide Flood Coverage in Coastal Areas or High Risk Flood Zones. The Companies may offer Wind and Hail Coverage in Coastal Areas but the deductibles are high or the Coverage may not be offered at all.

    We do have Federal Flood Insurance. – According to USA Today – Premiums under the program have been heavily subsidized by taxpayers, and the program is $24 billion in debt. The Senate voted Thursday to approve bipartisan legislation that would block dramatic increases in premiums paid by some property owners under the federal flood insurance program.

    The 72-22 vote sends the bill to President Obama, who is expected to sign it. The House overwhelmingly approved the legislation last week. Last month, responding to howls from coastal developers and homeowners, the Senate voted to gut its 2012 reforms.

    So the answer it seems Politically in some circles is to deny Climate Change on one hand but admit to the danger of flooding by subsidizing the Flood Program.

  3. . . . And to think that Sajak’s program is called “Wheel of Fortune”. There’s something odd about the juxtaposition of a denier and Wheel of Fortune!

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