Why Am I Not Surprised?

Yesterday, the Indiana GOP held its convention and adopted its platform. According to the Indianapolis Star, 

After a contentious weeks-long debate, more than 1,600 delegates from across Indiana approved the new language for the state party’s platform. It says, “We believe that strong families, based on marriage between a man and a woman, are the foundation of society.”

Chalk up another win for the party’s social conservatives–the “Christian” theocrats  who are firmly in charge of what used to be a rational political party.

Most observers predicted this outcome. The real question is whether members of the Hoosier electorate–whom poll after poll show are far more moderate than the current GOP,  on this issue and others–will care enough to vote their displeasure.

Back when I was an active Republican,  the Marion County Chairman frequently noted how grateful he was for the apathy of Democrats. Even then–back in the 1980’s– Democrats outnumbered Republicans in Indianapolis. Republicans kept winning elections,  however, because they voted. Democrats didn’t.

On this issue and so many others, the research suggests that Democrats have won the policy debate. Most Americans agree with them.

What they’ve lost is GOTV.


  1. Not only did the Indiana GOP reaffirm its opposition to marriage equality, its 1.600 delegates were to reported to have leapt to their feet after their State Treasurer, Richard Mourdock, compared America to Nazi Germany (because he apparently thinks comparisons between President Obama and Hitler are so apt). If that weren’t enough, this morning’s Indy Star reports that the Daniels and Pence Administrations knew all along the BMV was overcharging Hoosiers for licenses but kept right on doing it because they needed the money. And Pence has an editorial decrying new federal air quality rules designed to limit carbon dioxide emissions from our coal-fired power plants because he thinks it’s just fine to dump our toxins on states to the east of us and hasten the melting of the ice caps. This is your Indiana GOP, folks.

  2. I doubt anyone who has been paying attention is surprised at this platform decision. Maybe we should take comfort in the fact that their platform is not based on Richard Mourdocks’ Nazi Germany stance regarding the country; for which he received a standing ovation. The Star article goes on to say, “But by the end of the day, even the party’s state chairman was distancing himself from the treasurer’s comments.”

    “Mourdock’s references Saturday to the Nazi regime drew sharp objections from Democrats, members of the Jewish community and even some Republicans.” How and why do even staunch Republicans condone and support mentally questionable speeches and party members who give standing ovations then distance themselves from the speaker’s comments? And Mourdock was giving his retirement speech after serving as Indiana Treasurer! Can his offensive words and fanatical behavior upon retirement lead to a state audit? Not in Indiana! Allen County Republican Chairman Steven Shine, who is Jewish, stated he thought Mourdock’s comments were “right on target”. Shine went on to say he didn’t believe Mourdock was comparing President Obama to Hitler but was comparing the political environment. Shine’s comments shows how deep the GOP roots are buried in the hearts and souls of current GOP members. Does Shine also agree with the GOP Bible thumping, pseudo religious basis for law making which is strictly segregationist in nature? How do you separate President Obama from our current politcal environment or Hitler from the Nazi political environment? Why the f**k am I asking why Republicans do or say anything? I am the fool here.

  3. Lest anyone suggest that Murdoch is a lone wild voice, he received a standing ovation from the 1600 delegates in attendance.

  4. As a life long republican that has given countless hours, money and loyal respect to the GOP, I have found myself and many of my friends Left-Behind by a party taken over by the extreme factions that were always in the Big Tent and seated at is Great table of discussion but there control of the agenda, be it the Religious Right, Tea Party, Neo Cons, NRA or any other fringe group has lead to the burning down of the big tent and destroying the great table of conversation and I believe will continue to erode a GOP dedicated to small business development, equal rights for All, fair wage of work, and dictating how others should live. Until the GOP sheds it’s self of radical fringe control they will continue to flounder due to apathy of once GOP supporters like myself and just about everyone I know.

  5. The second sentence in the platform was the result of much hard work. The attempt to remove it on Friday at the committee meeting failed. And an amendment proposed on Saturday on the floor to remove failed. Our thanks should go to Megan, Tom John, Mike McQuillen, the Lt. Governor , Kyle Walker, and others for their efforts.

    Actually many did not “jump to their feet” at Mourdock’s comments!

  6. Voting against one’s own interest–and sometimes against one’s own better judgment–has become a way of life to some. It’s just amazing!

  7. Another angle is that this is also a huge diss to all of the adult single people such as myself. I may be a straight female myself, but I don’t have a strong bond with a man currently, I barely even date right now. I am not against getting married, I have always just been content being single.

    I am also happy. I am busy making the world a better place to live and trying to build a strong foundation for society as a whole. Being single how allowed me the time and focus to contribute to society. Being married with a family would have actually diluted my abilities.

    Yet this platform strongly misses and disses the contributions of single people. Even Jesus stayed single. Yet it is amazing how often single people are treated as second class citizens as if something is wrong with being single.

  8. Nothing surprises me anymore about my former party — Mourdock is a disgrace and a joke….In my view, the party now resembles the Taliban….the Indiana Taliban, led by Mullah’s Miller (as in Eric) Smith (as in Curt) and that other clown from the Family Association…..with their Biblical approach to governing, their anti-women, anti immigrant, anti science, pre-modern view of the world as we know it.

  9. Gayle…I sat in the assembly during the HJR-3(6) talks and listening to people like Megan and the a@@ from Terre Haute…I told my husband that our marriage is not really a desired marriage since the purpose of marriage according to their speeches is to have children. My husband and I are both infertile and we adopted our child. I have had it ! My church will be marching in this weeks Pride Parade.

  10. I am not surprised about this move by Indiana GOP. What did surprise me was a discussion I heard on “The Gospel Gabfest” which is produced by an independent conservative church in California called The Anthem Church. In a recent edition of this periodic podcast made by the youth pastor and several young adults from the church, the group all agreed that Republican Party was losing their generation by continuing to emphasize social issues. They felt that fiscal/tax/management issues are what the current generation in their 20s and 30s want to hear debated. In addition to being a turn off for the younger generation, continuing to make a big deal over social issues in which the federal government has ready decided the outcome seems pretty futile and it wastes time and money. What is conservative about that?

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