Follow the Money–More Easily

This is fascinating.

According to a report I read–naturally, I don’t remember where–a 16 year-old whiz kid has created a plug-in for browsers that allows you to hover over the name of a member of congress and get a pop-up that lists all the donations made to that congressperson-and who made them. Which lobbyists, corporations, etc.

Think about that for a minute.

The Internet has enabled so much crap–conspiracy theories, mind-numbing games, disinformation, celebrity worship…we sometimes forget what a marvelous tool it can be. The same technology that keeps Sarah Palin’s latest moronic utterances in circulation can also be used to enhance transparency and accountability.

The kid’s motto is  “Some are red, some are blue, ALL are green”!  

Maybe it takes sixteen-year-olds to show us the way.


  1. This is certainly more worthwhile financial information regarding a public figure than $44 million paid to a basketball player. Our tax dollars go to both in one form or another.

  2. The money is certainly one thing, what congress people do as a result of the money perhaps even more important. Would be nice to view the bills and laws they support as well as their financial support. Just in case there is a connection.

    Just in case.

    Perhaps that would reveal why our planet is still endangered despite all of the warning from climate science.

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