Sauce for the Goose, Sauce for the Gander

I love political theater.

First: In the wake of the Supreme Court’s poorly-thought-out Hobby Lobby decision, the Satanic Temple–based in New York, but evidently with congregations (covens?) elsewhere around the country–has sued for an exemption from “informed consent” laws.

According to ABC, Satanists believe in a woman’s right to get an abortion without having to listen to information its members see (correctly) as non-scientific. This is rooted in the group’s belief in a “scientific understanding of the world,” according to the press release.

Fair is fair–if devout Christian employers can’t be required to abide by neutral laws requiring them to provide their employees with birth control coverage, “devout” Satanists shouldn’t have to abide by laws that violate their beliefs.

Second: Texas has been the epicenter of “open carry” braggadocio. A group of inventive women–apparently tired of running into paranoid jerks carrying long guns on the streets and into the local Target–decided to make the point that just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

And it’s apparently legal to go topless in Austin, Texas.

So when Open Carry Texas did one of its many open-carry “events,” the gun nuts were met with middle aged, almost-bare-naked ladies shouting “Boobs for peace!” (One of them also carried a sign reading “You realize that everyone thinks you’re overcompensating for your teeny tiny ‘gun,’ right?”)

Goose, meet gander…..


  1. Actually; law requires employees provide health care coverage, of which birth control is (or was) offered as an option, not a requirement. Has Hobby Lobby and others overlooked the fact that this same health care coverage, sans some forms of birth control, continues to provide treatment and medication for STDs? Is Satanism a recognized religion or is it considered a cult? Which recognized religion is it an offshoot of? Who makes this decision? Is it protected anywhere in the Bill of Rights, the Consitution or the Amendments (for GOP and SCOTUS to ignore)? The Salem witch trials considered it the dark side of Christianity, does that classify it as a religion or anti-religion? Again, who (with the power to do so) makes these decisions? I still want to know if Hobby Lobby, et al, approves of health care coverage for STDs? To clarify your curiosity, NO, I do not need this treatment – just my overactive mind seeking answers to questions no more or less ridiculous than the basic problem questioned in this blog:) There are many forks in the road to salvation; the GOP has decided to map out our options for us…Hobby Lobby control over women’s (but not men’s) options for or against birth control is a blatant and harmful example.

  2. GREAT!! I am looking for the “No Circumcision…No Service” movement.
    Jewish business owners should be able to fire all the NON circumcised employees.
    Lets really get into this stuff and have some fun with the crazies.

  3. You folks made me laugh out loud this morning. But beware of the slippery slope. If analogies are combined, this might lead to circumcision of geese when what they need is birth control.

  4. As a sidebar, appropros of nothing at all, a friend of my studied Color Psychology years ago at SJU and discovered an interesting, if not enlightening, fact. Goose eggs hatched under pink lights had larger gonads than those hatched under blue lights. Just sayin’

  5. The satanists make a valid point by using the same bald-faced approach as the “devout” christians. That should also throw a wrench into the buffer zone decision by SOPUS.

  6. Now that SCOTUS has decided the corps are people, I assume the inverse applies, so I’m going to try the latest business trick of inversion. My world headquarters is now Monaco with no taxes. If corps can avoid paying their share, why shouldn’t I?

  7. Hobby Lobby, Papa John’s, and other corporations (no way are they ‘people’ in the true sense of the word) need to stay out of our personal and very private business and we promise to stay out of theirs. We have both corporations in my town and I no longer patronize either one. My guess is that these holier-than-thou outfits have no problems with coverage of drugs for erectile dysfunction. Does anyone else see anything wrong here? SCOTUS is lost as a ball in high weeds.

  8. How in the world did religious freedom get flip-flopped to mean allowing people to impose their particular brand of religion on others? I thought the constitution was supposed to protect us from the kind of religious wars that had been going on in Europe at the time and why many people came here, by allowing us to practice our own religious beliefs without imposing them on others. Surely they will overturn this at some point.

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