Scary, Aren’t They?

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Yesterday, our Attorney General/religious warrior Greg Zoeller appealed the unanimous Seventh Circuit opinion striking down Indiana’s ban on same-sex marriages.

With zealots like Zoeller fighting to deny LGBT folks equal rights, with all the vitriol aimed at them, with the thousands of dollars of tax money being spent in the courts to prevent them from marrying the people they love, with the overheated rhetoric about The End of Western Civilization as We Have Known It–this¬†is what all the fuss is about.

This¬†is what poses a “threat to traditional marriage.”


The whole horrifying, Satanic story is here.


  1. daleb; if you are wrestling personally with the question, “how does it effect me?” They (GOP) have been after LGBT for years; started in on voting rights, women’s rights to medical care and birth control of their choice, elected officials bought and paid for by the 1%…you could be doing something that will appear on their verboten list soon. I seriously worry that they will come after me for my political rants against their laws and rules taking away civil and human rights and wasting my tax dollars on sports venues. They abuse the 1st and 2nd Amendments, are threatening to AGAIN shut down the government and blame all problems on President Obama while they waste time in session sitting on their butts still trying to repeal ACA. This is up to and including a tax paid-for law suit against him for using his presidential powers and threatening him with impeachment. You and I are not exempt from the GOP greed and power structure…we need to be aware of any possibility of being disenfranchised by them and having our rights taken away – we will be paying for them doing this with our tax dollars.

  2. Zoeller the zealot could well be among those who have to wake up one day to find that an LGBT person is in his own family. It has happened and continues to happen every day. Zealots like Zoeller are much scarier than any LGBT person I ever met.

  3. daleb; my sense of humor about the GOP left with Bill Hudnut years ago:) Now I live in fear of my city, state and country – and losing Social Security, Medicare and being snow/ice bound again this winter with no power in 13 below zero weather.

  4. He is preparing to run for governor. He is building his base among the religious right that is essential for any nomination. He is raising his numbers and he is doing so at taxpayer expense.

  5. Sheila; forgot to thank you for posting this beautiful couple on your blog today. I shared it on Facebook yesterday; the first posting I received on Facebook with this picture I shared twice and commented I hope it goes viral. Maybe your post today will help that along. One of my lesbian friends thanked me and noted that she and her partner will probably be the same age as this couple if they are ever allowed to be married in this state. I E-mailed them a copy of this blog. They could, of course, have their ceremony take place in a state where same-sex marriage is legal but when they returned to their home, they would no longer be legally married. Their lives are here; their home, jobs, friends are here so they stay…and hope for the right to grow where they are planted.

  6. jim. So everyone in the Pence is looking to move up a notch? President Pence, Governor Zoeller, etc. Maybe Richard Murdoch has a spot somewhere??

  7. The picture of those two gals marrying is very sweet. They are so happy. I fail to see what pleasure others find in denying the solemnized love of women like these for each other.

  8. Especially with politicians, there is no way of distinguishing values from campaigning. Unfortunately the GOP has had to welcome the American Taliban as voting stock for the oligarchs that own it. So those who run under that flag have to promise nonsense and deliver it at least occasionally.

    Of course at least some of them are American Taliban. Like I said, impossible to tell.

    My cultural upbringing has been such that I am not surprised by the Afghani Taliban but can’t tolerate or understand their presence here. What force could possibly change freedom loving Americans into virtual jihadists? It doesn’t make sense.

    Of course the big question is can the GOP ever escape the luxury of oligarchy and return to the tough business of governance in a free country?

    I don’t know. I just don’t know.

  9. As someone who has been in a committed relationship for 35 years, I think the photo you published says it all.

  10. Poor guy. He’s confused about behavior that bothers him, rather than what is legal, and he’s using our money to make his confusion public. It seems to me that he needs to be thinking about what is legal if he’s the AG. When SCOTUS makes the decision he disagrees with, will he self-destruct and go away?

  11. Don’t we have more important issues to think about like….oh I don’t know……..

    terrorism?????????????????????????????????????? Oh, and how about

    LIVE AND LET LIVE????????????????????

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